After importing 21 kt of Swedish propane aboard Vitol’s Clipper Venus in the US, the LGC sourced a 21 kt parcel in Marcus Hook, and discharged STS with Berge Summit, in Caribs.

Clipper Sirius arrived on 23-Jan in Ensenada Bay, MX. She’s expected to berth today as the VLGC was seen heading towards the installation this morning. It’ll be the first time Ensenada receives propane through a VLGC.

Galaxy River arrived two days ago at Cristobal Anchorage after lifting a full propane cargo ex-Enterprise on 12-Jan. The Vitol vessel will have to wait a week to make her way through Panama Canal, as she’s expected to cross the canal on 3-Feb.

Champlain was seen doing two partial loadings of propane in USGC. Firstly in Freeport on 19-Jan, then in Targa on 23-Jan. The Geogas vessel is on its way to Sines, ETA 6-Feb.

Vitol’s continuing to lift butane supplies from Mexico. Clipper Star is expected by the end of the day in Pajaritos to load a 32 kt butane cargo. From there, the vessel will sail to Gibraltar, ETA 11-Feb.

West Africa

Caravelle will lift the 43-45kt propane cargo recently awarded by Sonangol. The VLGC has set her AIS to Soyo, ETA 16-Feb.

Bonny is expected to export a second evenly split cargo, in January. Gas Friend set her AIS to the island, ETA 26-Jan. VLGC Constitution is currently loading a 50:50 cargo at the terminal.

One month after she arrived in West Africa, Vitol’s LGC BW Nantes eventually loaded her 32 kt propane cargo in Bioko on 23-Jan. She’s heading East as her AIS is set for Cape Town.



Statoil’s LGC Clipper Jupiter lifted a 17 kt butane cargo in Mongstad on 23-Jan. Before entering the Norwegian port, she was re-routed from Stenungsund where she berthed to load, but eventually did nothing. She’s currently discharging in Sabic’s Tees installation.

Livorno is receiving a 15 kt propane cargo aboard Geogas’ MGC Kent. The vessel left Marcus Hook on 8-Jan and arrived in Italy on 26-Jan.

DOW’s BW Princess is waiting in front of Tarragona to discharge its second ex-Freeport propane cargo. The VLGC is waiting for Cougar to finish work. The later has been working at the berth since 12-Jan.

On the ethane side, new-build JS Ineos Innovation completed her maiden voyage from Marcus Hook to Grangemouth on 24-Jan.


Asia – Oceania

Ex-NederlandHellas Sparta is currently sailing to Male. The final destination of the cargo is still unknown.

Geogas’ BW Empress , that loaded a 3:1 cargo, including both South American and West African supply, is currently discharging in Botany. The vessel is then expected in USGC late February.


New Build Focus
We’re seeing quite a few new builds joining the fleet since January:
  • Ns Frontier (84,000 cbm), fixed by Shell on 8-Jan for a voyage from Enterprise to East.
  • Albert II (84,000cbm), TC under Grupo Tomza, that lifted 46 kt ex-Enterprise on 23-Jan and currently discharging 20kt in Tuxpan.
  • BW Mindoro (84,000 cbm) that is expected in USGC on 10-Feb, under Trafigura. The vessel will then sail to Far East, ETA 10-Mar.
  • BW Messina (84,000 cbm), expected in USGC on 13-Feb.
  • Doraji Gas (84,000 cbm), expected in Ras Tanura on 2-Feb.
  • Hellas Apollo (60,000 cbm), under Koch, currently doing ammonia trade.
  • JS Ineos Innovation (27,500 cbm), under Ineos, doing ethane trade.


Northern Europe Exports
The past few months have seen rising exports in Northern Europe (incl. intra-trade). The amount exported went up from 731 kt in September to 1,037 kt in January. Norway is making most of the exports. As a reminder, Kaarsto was under maintenance during September, explaining the low market share of Norway for the month (and was replaced by ex-BFB supply).