Returning from an ex-Marcus Hook propane voyage to Europe, Geogas’ Kent is headed to reload in Sunoco’s installation on 9-Feb.

Still out of Marcus Hook, SHV fixed Mathraki to load a 13 kt propane cargo on 13-Feb. The vessel will then head to Europe.

Petredec will load first butane cargo since 26-Jul in San Gregorio. Ex-ammonia Anafi will lift around 20kt on 15-Feb.

For its second voyage, Trafigura’s Kortrijk, that loaded STS on 23-Jan in Aruba, will continue to supply propane to Chile, ETA in Quintero 03-Feb.

Returning from propane voyages, JS Ineos Ingenuity docked at Morgans Point on 5-Jan, but didn’t load ethane there. Instead, she sailed to Marcus Hook, where she loaded a full ethane cargo for Ineos’ Rafnes cracker. Ethane exports from Sunoco’s installation on USEC were up 29 % this month to 849,150 bbl.

West Africa

Yuyo Spirits is expected in Bonny on 17-Feb to lift a 42 kt cargo.

After performing a final STS with Marcellus Lady on 27-Jan, Trafigura’s BW Tucana is ballasting to Aruba where she’ll join BW Prince, ETA 9-Feb.

Geogas bought a 10 kt butane cargo from Jenny N, Genser’s offshore storage vessel. Surville lifted it during a STS operation on 29-Jan.


Europe / Med

VLGC Clipper Sun, that lifted an evenly split cargo ex-Kaarsto, is heading to Chiba, ETA 25-Feb. It’s the first Norwegian cargo to reach Japan in 8 months.

VLGC BW Cedar, fixed by Glencore, will load by the end of the week in Arzew. Intra-Med trade is expected.



Ex-NederlandHellas Sparta discharged 22kt in Male onto Comet. She’s now going to Nipah .

BW Birch was expected to load in Ruwais for a voyage to India with BPCL. Instead, she loaded 16 kt STS in Galle with BW Boss. She’s now heading to Haldia.

Shell’s MGC Nova Scotia was expected to discharge in Port Qasim late Jan. After waiting a few days in front of the port she was seen making a U-turn to Male, where she had loaded STS on 18-Jan.

Ethane Crystal is currently lightering in front of Hazira. So far, the vessel performed 11 STS operations with SGC Relgas Isheta (1,959 cbm) and SGC Relgas Nayantara (1,959 cbm) since she arrived on 16-Jan. She discharged 133,159 bbl. Sister vessel Ethane Emerald will be joining her in two weeks.

Enterprise Export Focus
Exports out of Enterprise were on the rise in January to 485 kbpd (+15% compared to December). The outlets are mainly Far East through Panama Canal. We’ve seen only two vessels bounded with discharges in Europe: Al Wukir and Hellas Glory. Two VLGCs lifted some butane as well: Aquamarine Progress (50:50) that is headed to Egypt (ETA 12-Feb) and Yuyo (3:1) that discharged in Peru.
2016 Chinese Imports

Figures for Chinese December LPG imports were released end-Jan, and shown 1.375Mt. Therefore, total 2016 imports into China accounted 16.125 Mt. A month before official release, Kpler was displaying 15.663 Mt, a 3% discrepancy.

Imports are up 36.6% compared to 2015. Top 3 exporters are Iran, the US and UAE.