Floating Storage – Long Term

Floating storage has significantly decreased over the last 2 months as mentioned in previous Kpler’s interesting moves. However, we still see several vessels that loaded more than a month ago and continue holding their cargos:

WAF : Millennium & Kalliopi

VLCCs Milennium and Kalliopi are sitting close to Cap Verde and in the Gulf of Guinea respectively.
  • Millennium received 2 million barrels of Qua Iboe from C.Prosperity on Nov.7 after ship-to-ship operations at Lome anchorage. Since then, she has been sitting close to Cap Verde.
  • Kallopi on her side loaded 2 million barrels of Qua Iboe on Dec.22. Then she transferred approx. 1 million barrels via ship-to-ship at Lome anchorage on Jan.22. She still holding 1 million barrels of Qua Iboe.

NWE: Bunga Kasturi Lima, Delta Pioneer & New Success

  • VLCC Bunga Kasturi Lima loaded 2 million barrels of crude at Mongstad on Dec.7. Then she headed towards Frederikshavn anchorage where she has been waiting since then. However, Shell fixed her to a voyage Hound Point / Ningbo starting between Feb.11 and Feb.14. She was seen moving back to the ship-to-ship area where she might be involved in ship-to-ship transfers.

MED: Arion

VLCC Arion loaded 2 million barrels at Al Basrah terminal on Nov.10 and arrived to Algeciras on Dec.22. Since then, she has not signaled a final destination and has been anchored close to Gibraltar for more than one month.


USGC: Xin Han Yang

VLCC Xin Han Yang arrived to USGC on Dec.3 laden with approx. 2 million barrels of Basrah crude. It is only on Jan.28 that she transferred some 500,000 barrels to Eagle Torrance via ship-to-ship, and finished to discharge her cargo at LOOP on Jan.30. She waited in total 56 days before discharging her cargo. All her volumes are counted in US import figures of week-ending Feb.3.

Singapore: Hyundai Sun & Grace 1

  • VLCC Hyundai Sun performed a ship-to-ship operation in Malta anchorage on Sept.24 when she received approx. 820,000 barrels of Azeri BTC at BTC terminal. Then she loaded 1.2 million barrels of Brass River crude in the West African gulf before heading towards Singapore. She arrived to Linggi anchorage on Dec.9 and has been anchored since then. She has not been involved in ship-to-ship operations.
  • VLCC Grace 1 received 2 million barrels of Qua Iboe from Olympic Liberty on Nov.21 at Nipah lightering zone and still loaded close to Singapore. She was involved in 2 ship-to-ship operations: 1 discharge of approx 450,000 barrels and a reload of approx. 450,000 barrels. She still have at least 1.5 million barrels of Qua Iboe.