Storage levels at Gate indicate that there is no capacity for a full reload. Petrobras’s Esshu Maru and Statoil’s Arctic Princess are both docked at the same time, indicating that a transshipment may be taking place.
Centrica received Qatargas’ Al Khattiya 6-February and is currently reloading a cargo onto Gaslog Chelsea. Kpler Analysts estimate that this cargo could be delivered in the MEI region.


RasGas’ Yenisei River is expected by the Port Authority to deliver a cargo 15-February. At current send-out levels, operator data reveals that tank storage levels may be close to reaching heel limits prior to receiving the cargo.


Fos Cavaou:

Qatargas’ Al Kharaitiyat is expected by the Port of Marseille to deliver her cargo, ETA 11-February. Kpler Analysts expect Al Ghariya to deliver a cargo 23-February.



Send-out levels have increased this week. There are currently no vessels confirmed for Dragon. Kpler Analysts forecast that Shell’s Gallina could be delivering the cargo sourced from Peru at the terminal, ETA 23-February. According to PeruPetro, the cargo is not expected in Wales, but in England. Both views are reflected on the platform.


South Hook:

There are no enlisted cargos for South Hook in February, with stable low send-out levels around 5 mcm/d aproximately. The next cargo is expected to be delivered by Qatargas’ Zarga 3-March. We have no additional vessels this week.