Geogas fixed Navigator Ceto for a voyage from Bahia Blanca, in Argentina. She’ll lift 8 kt of butane on 10-Feb.

LGC Pazifik is heading to Mohammedia with a 32 kt cargo of butane ex-Enterprise, ETA 17-Feb.

Navigator Phoenix is the first vessel to cross the Pacific Ocean with a propylene cargo (around 12kt) ex-Enterprise. She was fixed by APEX to Taiwan, ETA 19-Feb.

In Aruba, Trafigura’s activity has slightly decreased as VLGC BW Prince which has discharged various shipments is heading back to Houston, ETA 10-Feb.

But we’re expecting more activity in Aruba as 2 loaded VLGCs, Jia Yuan and BW Pine (respectively ex-Enterprise and ex-Targa), will join the ballast BW Tucana (ex-WAF) and Navigator Galaxy (diverted from Houston) to perform STS operations. All of them are expected to arrive by the end of the week.

Out from Cartagena, JS Greensky is expected to pick up a butane cargo by the end of the day.Braskem‘s Gaschem Arctic has just picked up an ethane cargo (approx 8,000 cbm) from Morgans Point. This marks the first US ethane shipment to reach Brazil, ETA 20-Feb. Braskem is expected to load second shipment aboard Gaschem Atlantic, ETA 14-Feb.


Vitol’s Al Wukir is currently waiting in Southwold to receive an ex-North Sea butane cargo. She’ll load STS. Kontich could be the other vessel implied as she’s waiting at the anchorage loaded. The VLGC is then expected to discharge in Morocco.

After lifting 8kt of butane ex-Ust Luga, Sibur’s Navigator Leo topped up in Padiski. It’s the first time that we record an export out of Alexa’s terminal. The vessel is waiting in front of Le Havre.

Navigator Ceres, under Gunvor, sent Flushing as per her AIS on 22-Jan, it was then updated to Nouakchott on 2-Feb, but didn’t go there either. She’s just performed an STS with Westminster and is still drifting in front of Gibraltar with 7 kt of Argentinan sourced LPG.


West Africa

Sonangol recently awarded propane tender cargo will be lifted by Petredec’s Captain John Np in Soyo, ETA 17-Feb. VLGC Caravelle was initially expected there but didn’t go. The latter vessel will go, under Chevron, loading in Escravos, ETA 22-Feb. Both vessels are waiting in Port Elizabeth.

Returning from intra-Europe trade, Vitol’s MGC Clipper Odin is expected to load in Bioko on 9-Feb.


Asia / Oceania

Vitol’s BW Nantes is heading towards Dongguan, with a 33 kt ex-Bioko propane cargo. This marks the first export from Guinea Equatorial to China, ETA 23-Feb.

Geogas’ Pointis continues to lift Australian supplies. After returning from an ex-Westernport voyage, she’s now heading towards Bonython, ETA 18-Feb. The latter installation exported only two cargoes in 2016.

Newbuild Ethane Opal (57.894 cbm) has just left the shipyard in Korea. The vessel is expected to cross Panama Canal by 7-Mar, to load 5 days after in Morgans Point. It’s the fourth ethane carrier to join RIL’s fleet. ETA in India, early May.


Morgans Point Ethane Exports Focus
With Braskem lifting ethane from Morgans Point, there is now one more large petrochemical player lifting US ethane. Braskem is joining Sabic, Ineos and RIL.


Record US exports in January
January 2017 saw the biggest US LPG exports ever reaching 2,777 kt (+13.5%). Enterprise accounts for nearly half of the exports (1,321 kt), followed by Targa (609 kt) and Nederland (458 kt). With around 300 kt exported, the 3-month-old of P66 terminal in Freeport accounts for more than 10% of the exports.