CPC terminal

January CPC export figures were published recently. The Caspian Pipeline Consortium reported that 33,053,193 barrels  (1066 kbd) of CPC blend were exported from the terminal in the Black Sea. Kpler’s final number was 1054 kbd, which is a 1% discrepancy with official data.

In January, all CPC loadings finished in European refineries. Below the split by country and installations where CPC blend was shipped in January.

However, many of February shipments cleared to Asia:

February exports from CPC to Asia were the highest recorded in all 2016 as show below:
CPC shipments to Japan, South Korea and India (kbd)
According to our data, 2 Suezmax were already fixed to head towards Asia in March:


US exports

EIA reported for a second week in a row exports above 1 MMbpd. Find below the main US shipments in the past weeks: