Originally Released on 2 March 2017

North West Europe: Lineup and Inventories

Forecasted Vessels

  • South Hook:
Currently, there are five vessels expected at the terminal in March:
  • Zarga, ETA 3-March. The vessel is about to reach the plant.
  • Mozah, ETA 8-March. She is currently entering the N.Atlantic.
  • Aamira, ETA 16-March. The vessel is now crossing the Red Sea.
  • Lijmiliya, ETA 21-March. She is about to load at Ras Laffan.
  • Al Mafyar, ETA 28-March. The carrier is now anchored at Fujairah.
  • Dragon:
Al Nuaman is scheduled to discharge her Ras Laffan-sourced cargo on 14-March.
  • Gate:
There is no vessels expected at the terminal.
  • Grain:
Shell’s Gallina is still expected at the terminal with her Peru LNG-sourced cargo, ETA 27-February.
  • Zeebrugge:
Currently, ballast Cadiz Knutsen is anchored outside of the port.
  • Montoir:
There are two vessels expected to arrive from Bonny: LNG Ogun, ETA 5-March, and LNG River Niger, ETA 8-March.
  • Aliaga Area:

The terminals are currently expecting three vessels to arrive: Berge Arzew, ETA  6-March, Statoil’s Arctic Princess, ETA 12-March, and LNG Finima Ii, ETA 15-March.

Initially Gas Natural’s Ribera Del Duero Knutsen was expected at Aliaga on 7-March with her Sabine Pass cargo, but she diverted on 25-February. The vessel is now headed toward the Panama Canal with no clear destination.

  • Rovigo:

Spain is currently expecting three cargoes at its terminals. Two are sourced from Peru LNG: Valencia Knutsen, ETA 9-March, and Methane Rita Andrea, ETA 24-March. Also, Dukhan is delivering her Ras Laffan cargo to Huelva on 7-March.

To Keep on Your Radar

Al Shamal loaded at Ras Laffan on 28-February and is now signalling for the Suez canal with no clear destination.

Milaha Qatar loaded at Ras Laffan on 1-March and is currently headed toward Europe.


LNG Data Analysis

Ras Laffan Cargo Liftings Weekly
This week the majority of vessels headed toward Far East.
European Stocks and Send-outsEuropean Stocks and Send-Outs are computed Thursday-Thursday (@ 6:00 AM).



At Zeebrugge, stocks level increased significantly on 25-February with Yenisei River discharge, after falling at zero since 16-February. We observed low send-out level of 8.12 Gwh/d on 2-March.

At South Hook, we observed a slightly increased send-out level of 78.77 GWh/d.