6 VLGC’s have passed Cape of Good Hope to load their cargo in Houston in March:

After completing discharge in Teluk Semangka, Yuhsho has signaled for Houston and is expected to load there by 14-Apr.

VLGC Ethane Opal is currently loading her first ethane cargo at Morgans Point. She is the third VLEC after Ethane Crystal, Ethane Emerald and Ethane Pearl to join RIL’s fleet.



5 VLGC’s are waiting or are expected to discharge their cargo in NWE, ex-USGC:

After waiting in Lisbon Port, Pazifik headed to her destination in Fawley. Petredec’s vessel is now loading part of her cargo there.

After waiting for 10 days, Statoil’s Al Wukir loaded its 44 Kt cargo in Kaarstoe on 9-Mar. According to the market, she is expected in Turkey by 24-Mar.

BW Gemini discharged her 46 Kt propane cargo at Aygaz Izmit, she had loaded her cargo at Enterprise earlier in February.


West Africa

8 VLGC’s have loaded in February or are expected to load in WAF later in March:

After loading in Pisco, Trafigura’s Jia Yuan has signaled to discharge its cargo in Montevideo to be the first LPG import there since Nov. 2016, ETA 9-Mar. She discharged most of her cargo in Aruba earlier in Feb., ex-Enterprise.


BW Freyja passed Suez Canal to head to her destination in Tanjong Uban by 16-Mar, ex-Kaarstoe. Statoil’s VLGC is the first vessel from Norway to find her way to Indonesia.

After discharging its cargo in Japan, Vitol’s Galaxy River was expected in Houston, but went to Tanjung Sulong and is now loading its 45 Kt cargo there.


Persian Gulf Voyages

17 vessels loaded in the Persian Gulf in the past two weeks

  • 6 are from Al Ruwais, from Ras Laffanfrom Ras Tanura, and 1 each from Mina al-AhmadiBIK, Das Island and Kharg Island.
  • are heading to India, 2 to Japan, 2 to Indonesia, 1 to S. Korea1 to China, and with non-specified Far Eastern destinations.
2016 US Propane Exports: Kpler vs. EIA 
Below is YTD and Monthly comparison of 2016 Kpler US Export figures vs. official EIA figures. In order to use the same methodology, we used the same standard conversion rate for turning Kt to bbl as EIA which is for propane only under pressurized conditions, 12.5 bbl/ton. We also added the overland exports to Mexico and Canada which is included in EIA figures*. Applying this same method in calculating the numbers, there is less a 0.5% difference for YTD flows ending in December, 2016.
*  The figures were extracted from USITC – United States International Trade Commission