OPEC exports

OPEC’s March report showed significant discrepancies for Saudi Arabia February production between direct communication and secondary source numbers (-68 kbd vs Jan according to secondary sources, +263 vs Jan based on direct communication).In the export side, our data shows that Saudi Arabia slightly decreased their supply to the international markets. Feb exports were 96 kbd lower than Jan exports.

Below,  OPEC, Russia and Oman exports for Jan and Feb compared to a 15-day average for March as an outlook of March exports.

Latest US exports
British Vantage did not signaled any destination yet


CPC to Asia

Last month saw CPC cargos to Asia reached very high levels, close to 200 kbd. Our data shows that many tankers already loaded and signaled a final destinations in Asia. Moreover, according to data, other cargoes were already fixed for CPC/Asia voyages in March.

CPC monthly exports to Asia (kbd)