Forecasted Vessels

South Hook:

Currently, six vessels are expected at the terminal sourced from data reports and Port Authorities:


Loaded with Atlantic LNG cargo, Engie’s Bw Gdf Suez Boston had docked at Everett from March 18th till 19th. According to her draught, she left Everett with over 95% of her cargo and is now heading to Grain for discharge, ETA 2-April.



Al Kharaitiyat is currently discharging her Ras Laffan-sourced cargo at the terminal.

Yenisei River is expected to arrive for reload on 25-March, according to her AIS signal.


Al Deebel is scheduled to discharge her Ras Laffan cargo at the plant on 31-March, according to the Port Authority.



There is currently one vessel expected to discharge at the terminal: LNG Kano, ETA 2p-March according to the Port Authority.



Current nominations remain unclear for April. The list of accepted vessels has been updated and now includes two additional Q-flex vessels: Fraiha and Umm al AmadFraiha loaded at Ras Laffan on 19-March and is now signalling for the Suez Canal with no clear destination.




To Keep on Your Radar

Statoil’s Arctic Voyager loaded at Snohvit on 7-March and discharged her partial cargo at Revithoussa on 19-March first. Now the vessel is expected to deliver another partial cargo to Aliaga, ETA 24-March according to her AIS.

Bu Samra lifted a cargo at Ras Laffan on 19-March and is now signalling for the Red Sea. Her destination is not yet clear.


Ras Laffan Cargo Liftings Weekly

This week we observe more vessels headed toward Europe and India.
European Stocks and Send-outs
At South Hook, we observed a stable average send-out level of 233.48 GWh/d.