This week Shell’s Shahrastani passed Cape of Good Hope to load her cargo at Nederland, ETA 9-Apr.

DOW will lift a 46 Kt cargo out of Marcus Hook on 25-Mar, destination N Sea-Med. The nominated vessel is Aquamarine Progress.

After loading at Bethioua, Djanet is now heading to discharge her 45 Kt cargo at Suape. This will be the first VLGC for Bethioua to receive since Aug. 2015.

2 VLGC’s have signaled to discharge their cargoes in S. America by the end of March, ex-Targa:

  • Trafigura’s Kortrijk who is on her way to discharge her cargo at Quintero Port in Chile, ETA 27-Mar.
  • Shell’s Cresques who is on her way to discharge her cargo at Suape in Brazil ETA 29-Mar.

Carib LPG’s Epic Balta completed her loading at Geismar to discharge at Montego Bay. This is the first load at this US terminal since Oct 2016.

Trafigura’s VLGC’s BW Pine and BW Prince performed a STS at Aruba Anchorage. BW Pine is now heading to load at Nederland by 29-Mar.


After passing the Suez Canal, Statoil’s Passat is now heading to Norway to load her cargo at Kaarstoe, ETA 31-Mar. She is expected to discharge at the Far East later in April, according to the market.

4 vessels have signaled to discharge their cargo at Mohammedia by the end of March. If completed as planned, the discharges will make March quite an active one for Morroco:
2 VLGC’s and 1 MGC are expected to discharge at NWE:
  • Shell’s Essex is now on her way to discharge her cargo at Terneuzen, ETA 30-Mar, ex-Marcus Hook.
  • Statoil’s BW Aries has signaled for Gibraltar, ETA 30-Mar, ex-Enterprise. Her exact destination is yet to be confirmed.
  • Shell’s NS Frontier is expected to discharge at Rotterdam after loading her cargo at Nederland, ETA 19-Apr.

Originally signalling for Ras Tanura, Astomos’ Nadeshiko Gas is now on her way to pass the Suez Canal to load her 43 Kt cargo at Arzew Port, ETA 3-Apr.

Shell and Statoil switched their nominated vessels so that Statoil’s Gas Legacy will load at Kalundborg instead of Fredericia by 26-Mar and Shell’s B Gas Summit is now loading her cargo at Fredericia.


Middle East

Originally signalling for WAF, BW Odin is now heading to load her cargo at Persian Gulf, ETA early Apr. She is fixed by an Indian major to discharge her cargo at India.



Chevron will load 3 VLGC cargoes out of WAF by the end of March:

Silvio has signaled for Petredec Mauritius, ETA 4-Apr, ex-Enterprise. Oriental Energy’s VLGC will be the first VLGC to discharge at this terminal since Aug. 2015.



Astomos’ Kobai picked up a partial cargo at Namikata and is now discharging at Bataan to complete a reexport from Japan.

VLGC G. Commander performed a STS at Nipah Anchorage to transfer her cargo to Providence, ex-Al Ruwais. Providence is now heading to Far East to discharge her cargo at China, ETA 29-Mar.

This week continued to be an active one for Mumbai Anchorage with several STS’s being completed, including two VLGC transits: Sun AriesGalaxy River,  Sun AriesBW Birch.


Pacific Ocean Voyages
24 loaded vessels are currently heading west across the Pacific Ocean toward Asia:
  • 14 are from Enterprise, from Freeport and 3 each from Nederland and Targa.
  • Of those with specified destinations, 16 are heading to Japan, 7 to China and to S. Korea.