Market Highlights

LNG production was suspended at the Sakhalin terminal for several days due to a gas leak. Currently, both trains resumed operations and expected to run at full capacity soon. There are three vessels ballasting off of the terminal and waiting to load: Amur RiverK. Jasmine and Ob River.

Petronas’s PFLNG 1 terminal off of Sarawak is now loading the cargo on board Seri Camellia. This is the first FLNG facility to start operations.

In April, Cheniere secured to deliver two tender cargoes for CFE to Altamira. The last cargo was delivered there in September 2016. Cheniere’s Creole Spirit was initially expected to cross the Panama Canal on 29-March and deliver her Sabine Pass cargo to Manzanillo. On 27-March she diverted for Altamira, ETA 30-March according to the Port Authority.

Gorgon Update

According to Chevron, Train 2 is temporarily halted and Train 3 has started production. Each production train has a capacity of 5.2 mtpa.

Kpler data reveals that 2 vessels have been cancelled in the past 10 days: LNG Barka and Asia Excellence. Both vessels were expected to load end of March. Meanwhile, Southern Cross did not arrive at the initial ETA indicated per AIS.

According to Chevron data, Marib Spirit is expected to load 13-April. There are no other vessels enlisted on earlier dates so far.


Interesting Moves 

Gas Natural’s Rioja Knutsen loaded at Sabine Pass on 26-March and was initially signalling for Sines, ETA 9-April. The destination was also confirmed by the Port Authority, but was removed from the list recently. On 30-March the vessel made a sharp turn to the south and is now headed towards the Caribbean.

Engie’s Provalys loaded at Idku on 29-March and is now headed toward Chita, ETA 24-April.

Dukhan was initially expected at Huelva on 7-April, but she diverted and is now headed toward Europe with no clear destination. Currently, LNG Benue is expected to discharge at Huelva instead – the vessel loaded at Bonny on 27-March and is signalling for ETA 7-April.

Uniper Energy’s Yenisei River was initially expected to arrive for reload on 25-March but the option was cancelled, and she is now ballasting off of Brest, France.

Shell’s Methane Lydon Volney is now loading a tender cargo at Das Island with no clear destination.

Malanje loaded her tender cargo at Soyo on 23-March and is making her laden voyage toward Jebel Ali, ETA 25-April. Also, BP’s British Diamond diverted from Fujairah, ETA 7-April and is ballasting now toward Soyo, ETA 19-April.

Statoil’s Arctic Princess loaded at Atlantic LNG on 26-March and is signalling for Skagen, ETA 10-April. According to Kpler analysts, the vessel will potentially discharge at Klaipeda, ETA 13-April.

Wilpride loaded her backhaul cargo at Ras Laffan on 23-March and is scheduled to deliver to Zeebrugge on 10-April.