US exports – February & March
Data released by U.S. Census Bureau reported that US crude exports attained 1.1 million barrels per day in February. It represents an increase of 370 kbd compared to January, according to this source. Kpler recorded an increase of +363 kbd in US exports compared to January.

  • Exports to Asia were particularly high in February, reaching almost 500 kbd
  • Kpler data shows a slight decrease of about 123 kbd in March on US exports compared to February (-100 kbd to Asia)
  • April has already seen one 2 vessels that will be carrying crude to Asia:


US imports week-ending 4/07

Below, some facts that could give an outlook of US imports week-ending 4/07:

  • US total imports week-ending 4/07 reached 26 mmbbls until Thursday 4/06 13:00 Houston time, which is 6.7 mmbbls below imports observed by Kpler week-ending 3/31.
  • PADD 3 Oil-on-water, which aggregates all crude loaded in vessels in the main USGC anchorages, has shown particularly low levels compared with historical data. Potential supply for the coming days/coming week could be directly impacted.