This week Geogas’ Pointis passed Cape of Good Hope to load her cargo in Houston, ETA 16-Apr.
Js Ineos Independence started her first voyage by signalling for Panama Canal, ETA 10-Apr. She will be joining Ineos fleet for loading ethane.
After discharging her 48 Kt ethane cargo at Dahej Port, RIL’s Ethane Pearl passed Suez Canal and is now on her way to reload at Morgans Point, ETA 23-Apr.

With total of 500 Kt (+ 77%) exports in March, Bethioua reached the highest level of exports since November 2016. France holds the highest share with 21% being delivered to Lavera, followed by Morocco and Spain with 16% and 13% respectively.
Originally expected in Houston under Glencore, BW Cedar loaded her cargo at Bonny. She is now waiting in font of Tema to discharge her 44 Kt cargo.

BW Helios has signaled for Mombasa Port, ex-Kharg Island. Glencore’s LGC is expected there by 9-Apr.



Geogas’ Navigator Mars loaded her cargo at Kwinana. This is the first loading at this terminal in 2017.

Handy-size vessel, Emilius has joined Petredec’s fleet by starting to move towards Singapore. She will be available at SGP Area 7-Apr.

After completing her discharge at Far East, ex-Enterprise, Fountain River is now heading to load at Tanjung Sulong, ETA 7-Apr.


Morgans Point Ethane Exports Focus
With Ethane Opal joining RIL’s fleet, Morgans point experienced quite and active month and exported 349,680 cm of ethane in March. This is the highest level of export for this installation since it was commissioned on 1-Sep 2016.
It is also worth mentioning Ethane Sapphire who joined RIL’s fleet by starting her first voyage to load at Morgans Point, ETA 23-Apr.

US Propane Exports Decrease
Recorded 905 kbd, this week was quite low for the US propane exports. Several factors could have contributed to the decrease, including the drop in freight market pricing leading to less stream of VLGC’s.