Forecasted Vessel

South Hook:

The line-up for the terminal has been updated as following:

Statoil’s Arctic Voyager loaded at Snohvit on 6-April and is currently making her laden voyage toward the plant, ETA 14-April.
Al Oraiq is about to deliver her Ras Laffan cargo, ETA 15-April.
Rasgas’ Al Khuwair loaded at Ras Laffan on 5-April and is now signalling for the terminal via AIS, ETA 5-May.
Fos Cavaou:
Engie’s Gaselys is waiting off of port to reload a cargo on 15-April for Dapend delivery.
Al Hamla confirmed her destination per AIS, indicating ETA 22-April.
BP’s British Innovator delivered her Atlantic LNG-sourced cargo to the terminal on 10-April.

Qatargas’ Dukhan delivered a first tender cargo of the season to OLT Toscana on 6-April.

Statoil’s Arctic Discoverer is delivering a second tender cargo there from Snohvit, ETA 21-April.


To Keep on Your Radar

Petrobras’ Excelsior is now ballasting toward Gibraltar with no clear destination.


European Stocks and Send-outs

At South Hook, we observed an increased average send-out level from 300.08 GWh/d previous week to 320.11 GWh/d this week.