Bw Var and Ns Frontier are performing a STS at Cristobal Anchorage now. Bw Var loaded her cargo earlier in April at Nederland.
Petredec’s Ernest N completed her loading at Chesapeake & Marcus Hook. She is the first LGC to find her way at Chesapeake and is expected to cross Cristobal Anchorage by 26-Apr to reach her destination. It is also worth mentioning Bw Malacca who is expected to load at Marcus Hook by 26-Apr under Sunoco.
After spending an entire week at Targa due to port inspection, Mistral finally completed her loading and left the port on 20-Apr. She will pass by the Cristobal Anchorage by 25-Apr on the way to her destination.


2 VLGC’s and 1 LGC are heading to discharge their cargoes in Europe, ex-US:
  • Statoil’s Clipper Sun signalling for Antwerp Port, ETA 25-Apr, ex-Enterprise.
  • Bw Princess signalling for Flushing Port, ETA 30-Apr, ex-Freeport.
  • Statoil’s Polar signalling for Flushing Port, ETA 26-Apr, ex-Targa.

Waregem is now heading to discharge her cargo in Morocco, ex-Pajaritos. Trafigura’s vessel is expected in Mohammedia by 27-Apr.

After loading at Suez via performing a STS with Ocean Gas, Gas Beauty l carried on to discharge partially via another STS at Suez. She then headed to Wadi Feiran to discharge the rest of her cargo.



After completing a partial discharge at Sines, Clipper Moon headed to Dakar Anchorage to discharge the rest of her cargo via STS with Surville. She is now on her way to load at Houston, ETA 3-May.


Petredec’s Emilius who joined the fleet at the end of March, has completed her first loading via STS at Nipah Anchorage with Petredec’s Gas Power.

Siamgas’ VLGC Everrich 8 discharged her cargo via STS at Sriracha with another VLGC under Siamgas, Ming Zhu, ex-Asaluyeh. She is now returning to Persian Gulf to reload.

Hellas Sparta is passing Cape of Good Hope to reach her destination at Teluk Semangka, ETA 3-May. Shell’s VLGC loaded her 46 Kt cargo at Nederland earlier at the end of March.

RIL’s Cumbria is now floating in front of Pipavav to discharge her cargo, ex-Jamnagar Sikka. According to the market, the discharge will end her last voyage as Eastern Pacific has sold her to be scrapped afterwards.


Middle East

Originally signaled for Balbao Anchorage, Gas Summit and Oriental Queen changed destination and are now heading to Persian Gulf to load at Ras Tanura and Ras Laffan respectively, to later discharge in India under BPCL.

Originally expected to pick up her cargo at Houston under Petredec, Gas Taurus changed her destination and is now waiting at SGP area. Her exact destination is yet to be confirmed.


India Imports: Highest ever in March
With a series of government initiatives to increase LPG penetration in the rural areas as part of the clean fuel drive, along with the growth in transport demand and air travel, India has continuously witnessed increase in LPG imports since the beginning of 2017. With 1,18 Mt of imports, March reached a new level record for India LPG imports. (April’s imports number is a subject to change as the figures are collected on 20-Apr.)