Shell’s Secreto has signaled for Hualpen to discharge the rest of her cargo after her partial discharge at Quintero Qasmar, ETA 4-May. This will be the first cargo import by this terminal in 2017.
After waiting a few days, Petredec’s Ernest N is currently discharging her 33 Kt cargo at Chorrilo, ex-Chesapeake & Marcus Hook. The last voyage from these terminals to S. Am dates back to 2015.
In addition to Ernest N, it is also worth mentioning Exxon Mobil’s Al Wukir and Shell’s Cougar who are on their way to discharge at Suape, ETA 10 & 13-May respectively.
Constellation is waiting in front of Marcus Hook to load her 46 Kt cargo in the upcoming days.
With 2 VLGC’s loading at Ferndale (Petrogas’ Aurora Frigg & BP’s Gas Beryl), the terminal’s exports is on the rise for the second month in a row after experiencing a few months of low exports since Aug-2016.


After completing her load at Enterprise, Glencore’s Karoline N has signaled for Mohammedia. She is expected there by 14-May.
Sahara Gas is heading to complete her first voyage by discharging at Le Havre by 12-May, ex-MH & Chesapeake.
After Bw Aries, Shell’s Spread Eagle is the second cargo to be delivered in Turkey, ex-Norway in April. She is expected to load her cargo at Houston later in May under Naftomar.
Statoil’s Clipper Jupiter completed her discharge at Stenungsund, ex-Mongstad. She is expected to arrive at Hammerfest by 5-May.
Gaz Supplier has signaled for S. Crete Anchorage after spending a few months at Marsaxlokk since February. She is expected to continue her cargo transfer via STS when arriving at S. Crete Anchorage by 5-May.


Bw Boss expected to load at Bonny Island Port by 10-May after discharging her cargo via STS at St. Thomas & Lomé Anchorage, ex-Enterprise.

Bw Gemini transferred her cargo fully to Monsoon at Lomé Anchorage, ex-Oso and is now reloading at Sanha. Monsoon who had earlier done a partial load at Oso is expected to discharge her cargo at Mailiao, ETA 27-May.

In addition to Bw Gemini, 2 more VLGC’s are expected to load at WAF:

  • Chevron’s Hellas Glory to load at Escravos by 11-May.
  • Clipper Venus to load at Bioko by 6-May.
  • It is also worth mentioning Bw Leo who is, according to the market, expected to load at Bonny Island Port by the end of May / early June under Petredec. This has yet to be confirmed by her AIS signal.
After discharging most of her cargo in Turkey, ex-Kaarstoe, Bw Aries is now heading to discharge the rest via STS at Marsaxlokk by 5-May.


Enterprise Export Focus
After reaching to record levels earlier this year in January, exports out of Enterprise was on a fall in April for the third month in a row with to 414 kbpd. The outlets are mainly Far East through the Panama Canal. We’ve seen 3 VLGC’s bounded with discharges in Europe / Medditerranean: Petredec’s Yuyo heading to Spain, Petredec’s Gas Taurus heading to Egypt and Glencore’s Karoline N heading to Mohammedia. 3 VLGC’s are heading to discharge in S. Am.: Shell’s Secreto to discharge in Chile, Exxon Mobil’s Al Wukir and Shell’s Cougar to discharge in Brazil.