Forecasted Vessels


South Hook:

The line-up for the terminal has been updated as following:
Increased sendout level at Dragon indicates that a cargo could arrive in the next few weeks.



Total’s Meridian Spirit loaded at Snohvit on 7-May and is now expected to discharge at the terminal on 13-May.


Rasgas’ Arctic Aurora is about to deliver her backhaul Ras Laffan cargo, ETA 11-May.



Al Karaana loaded at Ras Laffan on 27-April and according to Kpler analysts, she is delivering to Gate on 15-May.



Mesaimeer is discharging her Ras Laffan-sourced cargo at the terminal on 21-May, according to the Port Authorities.



The scheduled maintenance at Snohvit from 12-May until 18-June is resulting in reallocations of the fleet with Vitol’s Arctic Lady loading at Bethioua on 4-May and Statoil’s Arctic Discoverer loading at Sabine Pass on 20-May. Arctic Discoverer lifting will be a potential cargo for PGNiG, arriving in the first half of June.



Currently, two vessels are expected at the plant. Statoil’s Arctic Princess loaded her partial Snohvit cargo on 9-May and is expected to arrive on 16-May, confirmed by the Port Authorities. Also, Engie’s Grace Cosmos loaded at Snohvit on 2-May and is expected to discharge on 26-May according to her AIS signal.



Rasgas’ Ejnan is delivering her tender cargo from Ras Laffan to OLT Toscana, ETA 14-May. There are two other cargoes expected to be discharged there in May.


Fos Cavaou:

Global Energy, ETA 11-May

Onaiza, ETA 14-May

Lalla Fatma N’Soumer, ETA 14-May



NLNG LNG Lokoja is currently discharging at the terminal, and there’re two other vessels expected to arrive: Gas Natural’s Gaslog Saratoga, ETA 20-May, and LNG Bayelsa, ETA 22-May.



Al Thakhira, ETA 16-May

Milaha Qatar, ETA 19-May

Al Jassasiya, ETA 24-May

Al Areesh, ETA 29-May


To Keep on Your Radar

Rasgas’ Fuwairit loaded at Ras Laffan on 2-May and is about to cross the Suez Canal with no clear destination.

Duhail loaded and expected by Kpler analysts to arrive at Dragon.