Mercuria’s Constellation is currently on her way to discharge her 46 Kt propane cargo at Suape, ex-Marcus Hook by 17-May. This is the first cargo delivery ever between the two terminals.
After loading at Freeport, Vitol’s Marcellus Lady discharged her 21 Kt propane cargo via STS with Berge Summit at St. Thomas Anchorage.
With 3 VLGC’s on their way to discharge at Suape, May appears to be quite an active month for imports to this terminals:
  • Al Wukir, ex-Enterprise, waiting in front of Suape for discharge.
  • Shell’s Cougar, ex-Enterprise, ETA 13-May.
  • Mercuria’s Constellation, ex-Marcus Hook, ETA 17-May.


2 VLGC’s have loaded their cargoes at Yanbu during the past few days and 2 more are expected to load by mid-May:
  • Bw Thor, expected to discharge in Far East.
  • IOC’s Kikyo, expected to deliver her cargo to India according to the market.
  • SHV’s Bw Havis, ETA 11-May.
  • Petredec’s Gas Power, ETA 15-May.

Statoil’s BW Princess completed her discharge at Flushing after completing her partial discharge at Stenungsund, ex- Freeport. After Polar‘s partial cargo discharge at Stenungsund (ex-Targa) earlier, this is the second discharge at this terminal in 2017, ex-US Gulf Coast.

Kris Kin is currently on her way to discharge at Nador, ex-Geismar, ETA 13-May. This is the first cargo delivery ever between the two terminals.



Originally signaled for Ras Tanura, Astomos’ Sunny Green has changed her direction and is now on her way to WAF. She is expected to load her cargo via STS at Tema, ETA 24-May.

In addition to Sunny Green, 3 VLGC’s and 1 LGC are expected to load in WAF by the end of May:
  • Clipper Venus who is currently waiting in front of Bioko to load her cargo.
  • Chevron’s Hellas Glory, expected to arrive at Escravos today.
  • Chevron’s Hellas Hercules, expected to load at Sanha, ETA 29-May.
  • Petredc’s Bw Leo, expected to load at Escravos, ETA 30-May.



New build Eco Frost is expected to join Stealth Gas’ fleet in May. She will be available in Korea around 22-May.

Bw Njord has signaled for Brisbane, ex-Enterprise, ETA 30-May. Trafigura’s VLGC is expected to join Bw Mindoro at Brisbane Anchorage to discharge her 46 Kt propane cargo via STS. Trafigura’s Bw Mindoro has been a floating storage at Brisbane Anchorage since 12-Mar. Earlier in 2017, VLGC Bw Empress discharged her cargo at Botany, ex-Freeport and LGC George N comlpleted her discharge at Brisbane Anchorage via STS after loading at Aruba. Both vessels were also under Trafigura.


Persian Gulf Exports Focus
23 VLGC cargoes have been loaded in Persian Gulf since the beginning of May:
  • 4 to China, 3 to India, 3 for partial discharge at Banyan, 2 to Japan and Indonesia , 1 to Vietnam, 1 Nipah Anchorage, 5 to FE and 2 cargoes which are yet to be confirmed.
  • 9 from Al Ruwais, 5 from Ras Laffan, 4 from Ras Tanura, , 3 from Asaluyeh, 2 from Mina Al-Ahmadi.