Libya exports
As announced by Libyan NOC, Zawia terminal shipments resumed immediately after El Sharara and Al-Feel productions restarted. Zawia terminal exports passed from 16 kbd in April to an average 94 kbd through the first 18 days of May. These cargos mainly continued to supply MED refineries in Italy and France with several shipments also heading towards the United States.
The Minerva Kynthos is currently discharging 630,000 barrels of Libyan crude at Bayway refinery located in the US east coast. The Sigma Triumph heads towards New York after loading 600,000 barrels at the Es Sider terminal and Neverland Angel signaled Port Arthur with a June 3rd ETA. These 3 cargos averaged 55 kbd of Libyan crude exports to the United States until May 18th.

CPC exports remained close to 1,220 kbd in April, according to our data. Two shipments are currently headed towards Asia: the first to Jamnagar refinery, which regularly takes one or two Suezmax per month, and the second to Kiire, South Korea.

In May, two Suezmax have already moved from the CPC terminal to Asia:

At least another Suezamax will load at CPC and head towards Asia, according to fixture data: Spyros K was fixed by Chevron for a CPC / South Korea voyage starting on May 20th.


Interesting Moves
  • First ANS export since August 2016. The Suezmax Sydney Spirit will deliver 1 million barrels to Eastern Asia with a May 28th ETA.  She was fixed by P66.
  • Two vessels left Saldanha Bay mid-May loaded with crude oil:
  • Aframax Elias Tsakos delivered 722,000 barrels of Urals to the PBF Paulsboro refinery on May 6th. The cargo was loaded at the Bahamas South Riding Point and shipped by Statoil. Additionnaly, the Aframax Botafogo loaded Urals at Primorsk and first signaled South Riding Point with a May 17th ETA. She is now signaling “Aruba – For Orders” close to the Bahamas.