After completing her discharge at Topolobampo, Trafigura’s Gas Ray is now waiting to reload at Marcus Hook. In addition, 2 other VLGC’s are expected to load at MH in the upcoming days:
  • Sunoco’s Gas Leo, currently waiting in front of MH.
  • Corvette, who ha signaled for MH, ETA 3-Jun.
Originally fixed by Total to load at Bonny, Cougar was re-chartered by Shell to pick up her cargo at USGC by 10-June. Total fixed Shell relet Hellas Sparta instead who is now on her way to load at Bonny Island Port by 25-May.
Following Bw Pine and Vitol’s Berge Summit, Trafigura’s Bw Messina has also signaled for Aruba, ETA 25-May. She is expected to discharge her 45 Kt propane cargo via STS at Aruba Anchorage.

E1’s Gas Summit will be passing by COGH in the upcoming days to reload at Houston, ETA 19-Jun.
After waiting a few days at Luanda Anchorage, Captain Nicholas Ml has signaled for Houston, ETA 10-Jun.


After completing her load at Bethioua, Bw Aries has passed the Suez Canal and is now on her way to her destination. Statoil’s VLGC is expected to discharge her 45 Kt cargo in Chiba Area, ETA 13-Jul.

After changing her destination several times, Glencore’s Karoline N is finally waiting in front of Dortyol Port to discharge her 40 Kt cargo (10:30) in the upcoming days, ex-Enterprise.

Js Ineos Interpid has been fixed by Geogas to lift her first LPG cargo in 2017 from Kaarstoe, ETA 4-Jun.

Cratis ha signaled for Teesport, ex-Nederland. Shell’s VLGC is expected to deliver her 46 Kt propane cargo by 1-Jun.

Petredec’s Kisber is currently heading to discharge her 6 Kt butane cargo at Mohammedia, ex-Chesapeake, ETA 31-May. This is the second cargo transfer between the two terminals in 2017 and the first one was delivered with the same vessel earlier in Apr.

Reggane has signaled for Yarimca Area, ex-Bethioua. Sonatrach’s VLGC is expected to discharge her 42 Kt cargo in Turkey by 25-May.


Middle East

Quebec is expected to start her first voyage under IOC by completing her load at Al Ruwais, ETA 26-May. She is expected to head to India afterwards to discharge her cargo, Kandla Port in her options.



After loading at Sanha, Bw Gemini discharged most of her cargo via STS transfer with Petredec’s Motivator at Beira. She is now heading to discharge the rest in SGP Area, ETA 31-May. After doing another STS with Petredec’s SGC Fatime, Motivator is now waiting in front of Richards Bay to partially discharge her cargo.


We have 3 newbuilds who have already joined the fleet or will be available in the upcoming days:

  • Kumiai Navigaton’s Pyxis Alfa (82,200 cm), who is on her way to SGP Area, ETA 26-May. Her exact destination is yet to be confirmed.
  • StealthGas’ Eco Frost (22,000 cm), who has signaled for SGP Area, ETA 31-May. Her exact destination is yet to be confirmed.
  • Petredec’s Earth Summit (21,000 cm) is reported to be available in Korea between 10-15 July, according to the market.
Shell’s Sea Bird has signaled for Male, ex-Nederland, ETA 8-Jun. She is the second VLGC after Shahrastani to discharge her cargo via STS at Male Anchorage in 2017, ex-US. After her partial discharge via STS with Lubara at Male Anchorage Shell’s Shahrastani is currently at Nipah Anchorage to complete her discharge via STS.
4 VLGC’s are currently on their way to discharge in Indonesia in the upcoming days, ex-ME:
  • Pertamina’s Sea Dolphin, to discharge at Teluk Semangka by 27-May, ex-Asaluyeh.
  • Petredec’s Ayame to discharge at Kalbut by 29-May, ex-Ras Laffan.
  • Pacific Binzhou to discharge at Teluk Semangka by 30-May, ex-Al Ruwais.
  • Total’s Hellas Gladiator to discharge at Tanjong Uban by 2-Jun, ex-Das Island.
US Exports to Europe: Increase in April

With 347 Kt of exports in total, we finally witnessed an increase in the US exports to Europe in April after 3 consecutive monthly decreases since Dec-2016. Spain had a noticeable share with 3 VLGC receipts (Sunoco’s Bw Malacca, Petredec’s Yuyo and DOW’s British Courage) equaling 38% of the total exports. However, May seems to be quite an inactive month again with only 2 ongoing VLGC trades so far: Shell’s Cratis (to discharge at Teesport by 1-Jul ex-Nederland & Glencore’s Karoline N, waiting in front of Dortyol Port to discharge, ex-Enterprise).