It is also worth mentioning Ferndale’s only VLGC loading this week (2nd in May), which was Petrogas’ Legend Prosperity. She is now heading to discharge her 46 Kt cargo (23 Kt Propane : 23 Kt butane) at Ulsan Port, ETA 11-Jun. After her discharge in the Far East,  Bw Koyoto is also in her way to be the first load at Ferndale in June, ETA 9-Jun.

2 VLGC’s are on their way to discharge in Brazil, ex-USGC:

  • E1’s Gas Star (46 Kt propane), to dicharge at Santos by 13-Jun, ex-Enterprise.
  • Petrobras’ Saltram (46 Kt propane), to discharge at Suape by 9-Jun.


Gas Leo has signaled for Terneuzen, ex-Marcus Hook. Sunoco’s VLGC is expected to discharge part of her cargo there by 6-Jun. According to the Market, shes is already fixed by ExxonMobil for her next voyage to load at Kaarstoe  between 20-22 June and discharge in ME.

Corvette is waiting in front of Marcus Hook to load her 45 Kt propane cargo under Mercuria by early June. She is expected to head to Lavera Port as part of her discharge plan, according to the market.

After her partial discharge at Petgaz, Karoline N headed to Limassol Anchorage, ex-Enterprise (30 Kt butane : 10 Kt propane). Glencore’s VLGC discharged part of her cargo there via several STS’s with small vessels and is now at Crete Anchorage to continue discharging her cargoes via STS.

Pyxis Alfa has started her first voyage and is now heading to load at Yanbu, TA 8-Jun. The VLGC is expected to be under Petredec.

Sonatrach’s Rhourd Enouss has signaled for Aliaga, ex-Bethioua. ETA 2-Jun. This is the first LPG cargo transfer between the two terminals since Dec. 2014.

ExxonMobil’s Al Wukir completed her discharge at Suape, ex-Enterprise and has now signaled for Arzew Port, ETA 3-Jun.

After waiting for 20 days, SHV’s Bw Havis finally moved to Suez STS and is currently performing a STS there with Isis Gas, ex-Yanbu. Ocean Gas also completed her load at Yanbu and joined them today at Suez STS for discharging via STS. She is currently performing a STS with Gas Beauty l.

Pazifik is currently discharging her 32 Kt butane cargo at Mohammedia, ex-Fawley & Braefoot Bay Shell.



This week, we witnessed 2 VLGC’s that have loaded cargo out of WAF and 3 more that are expected to do so in the next few days:

  • Total’s Hellas Sparta, finished loading at Bonny on 27-May. According to the market, she is already fixed to reload at Bonny under Total after her discharge in the Far East, ETA end-June.
  • Chevron’s Hellas Hercules, currently loading at Sanha.
  • Geogas’ Bw Empress, currently loading at Soyo.
  • Petredec’s Bw Leo, currently waiting to load at Escravos.
  • Petredec’s Bw Loyalty, expected to dock at Soyo’s berth by then end of today.
Clipper Venus just docked at Sines today to discharge part of her cargo there, ex-Bioko. It is also worth mentioning her next voyage which has already been fixed by Chevron to load at Escravos, ETA H2-Jun.


After being a floating storage at Brisbane Anchorage for almost 3 months, Trafigura’s Bw Mindoro finally discharged her cargo fully via several STS’s with smaller vessels and is now heading to SGP Area. Her exact destination is yet to be confirmed. At the same time, another Trafigura’s VLGC, Bw Njord arrived at Brisbane Anchorage on 29-May, ex-Enterprise, to replace Bw Mindoro as floating storage for the next few months.

After her partial discharge via STS with Lubara, Shell’s Shahrastani headed to Nipah Anchorage to complete her discharge via STS with another Shell’s VLGC, Captain Markos Nl. Shahrastani has signaled for Nederland and is expected to pass Cape of Good Hope to load there by 8-Jul.

US Propane Exports: Kpler vs. EIA
Below is YTD and Monthly comparison of 2016 and 2017 (until March) Kpler US Export figures vs. official EIA figures. In order to use the same methodology, we used the same standard conversion rate for turning Kt to bbl as EIA which is for propane only under pressurized conditions, 12.5 bbl/ton. We also added the overland exports to Mexico and Canada which is included in EIA figures*. Applying this same method in calculating the numbers, there is less a 2% difference for YTD flows ending in Mar-2017.
*  The figures were extracted from USITC – United States International Trade Commission
Indian Import Figures: Kpler vs. JODI
Below is YTD and Monthly comparison of 2016 & 2017 (until March) Kpler Indian import figures vs. official JODI figures. There is less a 3% difference for YTD flows ending in Mar-2017.