Forecasted Vessels

South Hook:

The line-up for the terminal has been confirmed by the market as following:
  • Al Mafyar, ETA 4-July, confirmed by AIS
  • Zarga, ETA 2-July, confirmed by AIS
Sonatrach’s Tessala loaded at Bethioua on 11-June and is now signalling for Grain, ETA 18-June.

Rasgas’ Wilpride is expected by the Port Authorities to deliver a Ras Laffan-sourced cargo on on 28-June.
The Port Authorities do currently expect three vessels to arrive in the next few days:

Shell’s Scf Melampus is still expected to arrive with her Peru LNG-sourced cargo on 16-June according to the Port Authoroties.

RasGas’ Al Aamriya loaded at Ras Laffan on 10-June and took a route via the Cape of Good Hope to deliver a cargo to Barcelona, ETA 16-July according to her AIS.

Rasgas’ Murwab is currently lifting a cargo at Ras Laffan and is expected by Kpler analysts to deliver it to Barcelona, ETA 4-July,


To Keep on Your Radar

Qatargas’ Al Ghashamiya has confirmed Mediterranean Sea as her direction per AIS. Kpler Analysts see her as a potential discharge in NWE, ETA 25-June.

Rasgas’ Al Jassasiya lifted a cargo at Ras Laffan on 8-June and is headed toward the Suez Canal with potential destinations in Europe.

Qatargas’ Al Nuaman loaded at Ras Laffan on 11-June and is now signalling toward the Red Sea with no clear destination.