Phillips 66’s Bw Freyja diverted from Cristobal Anchorage and is expected to pass the Cape of Good Hope (COGH) to discharge her cargo in the FE. She is expected to arrive at SGP Area by 14-Jul, but her exact destination is yet to be confirmed by her AIS signal.

Glencore’s British Courage is currently heading to discharge her 44 Kt cargo (22:22) via STS at Lomé Anchorage, ex-Enterprise, ETA 26-Jun.

This week, Bw Tokyo is passing the Cape of Good Hope (COGH) to reach her destination in Houston, ETA 6-Jul.

Last week, we talked about Js Ineos Intrepid who has switched to LPG after more than one year of ethane cargo transfer from Marcus Hook to Rafnes. She is currently discharging her cargo at Tallabao, ex-Kaarstoe. This week, another switch from ethane to LPG happened with Navigator Aurora who has been fixed by Borealis for a 10-year TC to supply US ethane to Stenungsund after almost one year of carrying LPG in Europe. She is now signalling an ETA for Houston for 17-Jun and is expected to load her first ethane cargo out of Morgans Point.


After discharging her 32 Kt cargo at Newington, ex-Kaarstoe, Polar proceeded to reload at Targa. Statoil’s LGC is now on her way to discharge her cargo at Terneuzen, ETA 23-Jun.

Besides Polar, Captain Nicholas Ml has signaled for Flushing, ETA 27-Jun. 2 other VLGC’s that had signaled earlier for Europe, Mercuria’s Corvette and Petredec’s Clipper Victory are also on their way to discharge at Lavera (ETA 18-Jun) and Tarragona (ETA 30-Jun) respectively.

1 VLGC, 1 LGC and 1 MGC are expected to discharge their cargoes in Turkey, ex-Bethioua:

  • Exxon Mobil’s Al Wukir, to arrive at Dortyol Port, ETA 16-Jun.
  • Sonatrach’s Alrar, currently waiting in front of Yarimca-Izmit Port to discharge her cargo in the upcoming days.
  • Sonatrach’s Berga li, to arrive at Dortyol Port, ETA 17-Jun.
After completing her load at Al Ruwais, Petredec’s Gas Friend proceeded to discharge her cargo via STS with Isis Gas at Suez STS. She is now ballast in the Red Sea, waiting for her next destination to be confirmed.



2 VLGC’s are expected to load in WAF in the upcoming days:

Petredec’s G. Swan loaded her 44 Kt cargo at NWS and is now heading to Pyeong Taek for discharge. The last cargo delivery from Australia to S. Korea dates back to Nov. 2016.
Shaamit has signaled for Teluk Semangka, ex-Nederland (46 Kt propane). Shell’s VLGC is expected to arrive there by 17-Jun.
Newbuilds Focus
We are seeing some newbuilds being added to the fleet since May, including 3 VLGC’s:
  • Pyxis Alfa (82,200 cm), fixed by Petredec to pick up her first cargo out of Yanbu. She is now on her way to discharge in the FE.
  • Gas Young (80,000 cm), TC under Shell until Oct-2024. She is currently heading to load her first cargo at Ras Laffan.
  • Albert Iii (84,000 cm), expected to load at US Gulf Coast by the end of June.
  • Seasurfer (38,000 cm), currently on her way to discharge at Tuxpan Port, ETA 17-Jun, ex-Targa. She had completed her loading at Targa as her very first voyage, only to discharge it via STS at Ocoa Bay.
  • Quebec (38,000 cm), after completing her first LPG voyage from Al Ruwais to India, she has switched to Ammonia and is expected to load Ras Al Khair for FE discharge under Maaden Ammonia.
  • Js Ineos Invention (27,500 cm), already completed her first voyage, delivering her 15 Kt ethane cargo from Marcus Hook to Rafnes.
  • Emilius (21,000 cm), Petredec’s newbuild joined the fleet at the end of March and has already completed her first two voyages. She is currently ballast at Richards Bay.
  • Zita Schulte (12,000 cm), fixed by Sabis for her first voyage to pick up her ethylene cargo to be delivered in Asia later in the second half of June.
  • Eco Frost (22,000 cm), fixed by Myungshin to pick up her first butadiene cargo out of Asaluyeh terminal, only to discharge in the FE later in July. She is currently waiting in front of the installation to load her cargo.
  • Loxley (13,000 cm), TC under Vitol. She will be available in the SGP Area around 18-June.
  • Earth Summit (21,000 cm), Petredec’s newbuild is reported to be available in Korea around 22-Jun, according to the market.