3 VLGc’s and 1 MGC are expected to discharge their cargoes LAM, ex-USGC:

  • Petredec’s Morston, to discharge at Chorrillo, ETA 23-Jun, ex-Enterprise.
  • Trafigura’s Warisoulx, to discharge at Quintero Lipigas, ETA 26-Jun, ex-Marcus Hook.
  • Shell’s Yuricosmos, to discharge at Suape, ETA 29-Jun, ex-Enterprise.
  • Petrobras’ Bw Austria, to discharge at Suape, ETA 2-Jul, ex-Enterprise.

After waiting for more than a month in front of the US Gulf Coast, Clipper Saturn changed her destination and is now waiting in front of Marcus Hook to load her cargo in the following days. She was originally fixed by Geogas to load at Targa for discharging in LAM.
China’s Wanhua is picking up its first LPG cargo out of Houston, ETA 3-Jul. The nominated vessel is Bw Carina.
Solvang’s new build VLGC Clipper Freeport is fixed by P66 to pick up her first cargo out of Freeport, ETA early-Jul. She is relet to P66 until Jun-2027.
Gaschem’s MGC Gaschem Orca has started her first voyage by signalling for Balbao Anchorage, ETA 9-Jul. She is relet to the UK’s Sabic until Jun-2032.
Geogas’ Bw Frigg is currently heading to Ocoa Bay, ex-Freeport. She is expected to discharge her cargo there via STS by late June.
Marcellus Lady is currently waiting in front of Come by Chance to load her cargo there. This will be the very first LPG cargo picked out of this installation. She is been fixed, according to the market, by Silverpeak for a 6-month TC to act as floating storage off the East Coast of Canada.


Quebec switched from LPG to Ammonia in her second voyage and was fixed by Maaden Ammonia to pick her 21 Kt Ammonia cargo out of Ras Al Khair to discharge it in S. Korea later in June.

Originally fixed for a voyage charter form Houston to Suape/Santos, Comet changes her destination and is now heading to discharge her cargo in Turkey, ETA 3-Jul.

The Market confirms chartering of Bw Pine by Petrobras for the end of June to transfer an LPG cargo to Flushing, ex-Houston. Her exact terminal of loading is yet to be confirmed by her AIS signal.

ExxonMobils’s Gas Leo did a partial loading at Mongstad. She is now waiting in front of Kaarstoe to complete her load in the upcoming days.

Geogas’ Champlain has just passed the Suez canal to reach her destination, ex-Bethioua. Her exact destination is yet to be confirmed.



According to the market, Bw Gemini has been fixed by Geogas for picking up her cargo out of Sanha, ETA 13-Jul. This destination is not yet confirmed by her AIS signal.

Chevron’s Hellas Glory has also signaled for a 14-Jul load at Escravos.


The second VLGC cargo out of Bonython in 2017 is expected to be picked by the end of June. The nominated vessel is Astomos’ Lucina Providence, currently heading towards the terminal, ETA 28-Jun.
Astomos’ Energy Orpheus is now heading to load her cargo at Westernport, ETA 26-Jun.
Shell’s Sea Bird performed a STS with another VLGC of shell Captain Markos NI at Nipah Anchorage to fully discharge her cargo, ex Nederland. She is now heading to reload at Al Ruwais, ETA 30-Jun.
After more than 2 years of LPG cargo transferring, Gaz Fraternity picked up her very first Ammonia cargo out of Jose Ammonia Plant to discharge it at Bontang Chemicals.
After completing her discharge in the Far East (ex-Ras Laffan), Bw Broker proceeded to partially load via a STS with Siamgas’ Ming Long at Nipah Anchorage. She has now signaled for Nederland and is expected to pass COGH to reach her destination, ETA 24-Jul.
Thenamaris’ new build MGC, Seaspeed is expected to be available at Ulsan Port by the end of June.


Morgans Point and Marcus Hook Ethane Exports Focus

We have witnessed a total of 83 Kt and 75 Kt of ethane exports in June so far for Morgans Point and Marcus Hook respectively, we seem to have witnessed less exports for Morgans Point (from 118 Kt in May) and no change for Marcus Hook.