RIL’s Ethane Topaz delivered her first cargo to Dahej. She is expected to pass the Suez Canal around 8-Jul to later reach her destination at Morgans Point for reload.

Trafigura’s Bw Orion is signalling for Aruba, ETA 1-Jul. She is expected to join Trafigura’s Bw Loyalty who is already at Aruba Anchorage (ex-Soyo) to discharge their cargoes via STS with smaller vessels in the upcoming days.

Clipper Moon (ex-Targa) and Sahara’s Africa Gas (ex-Freeport) are signalling for Abidijan ETA 5 & 8-July respectively.

This week, 3 VLGC’s have passed or are expected to pass Cape of Good Hope (COGH) to reach their destinations in the US Gulf Coast:

  • Pointis, currently on her way to load at Freeport, ETA 14-Jul.
  • Challenger, on her way to load at Houston, ETA 17-Jul.
  • Bw Broker, heading to load at Nederland, ETA 24-Jul.

Trafigura’s Waregem discharged her butane cargo fully via STS with Astomos’ Sunny Green at Lomé Anchorage, ex-Pajaritos. She’s now heading back to reload at Pajaritos, ETA 9-Jul.

Geogas’ Bw Frigg discharged her cargo fully via STS with another VLGC of Geogas, Summit Terra, ex-Freeport. She is now heading back to Houston to reload under Petrobras, ETA 1-Jul.

After completing her load at Corpus Christi, Permian Lady is currently in front of Houston Anchorage, discharging her cargo via STS. She has performed 2 STS’s so far with the following vessels:


Middle East 

SHV’s Gas Beryl discharged her cargo fully via several STS’s at Sohar Anchorage, ex-Ras Laffan. She is currently at Fujairah Anchorage, waiting for her next destination to be confirmed.



Statoil’s Clipper Jupiter is currently signaling for Hammerfest, ETA 2-Jul.

Cheyenne is currently waiting in front of Kaarstoe to load her cargo under Statoil.

ExxonMobil’s Gas Leo is currently waiting to discharge her cargo at Terneuzen, ex-Mongstad & Kaarstoe.

Bw Princess is expected to pass the Suez Canal by 30-Jun to reach her destination, ex-Bethioua, the exact one is yet to be confirmed by her AIS Signal.

Socar’s Atlantic Gas is heading to discharge at Jorf Lasfar, ex-Chesapeake, ETA 6-Jul.

Pazifik is currently discharging her butane cargo at Mohammedia, ex-Fawley & Le Havre.



2 VLGc’s are expected to pick up their cargoes out of WAF in the upcoming days:

Glencore’s British Courage arrived at Lomé Anchorage, ex-Enterprise and performed a STS with another vessel of Glencore, Bu Sidra.
Originally expected in Persian Gulf by the end of June, Gunvor’s Umm Laqhab changed her destination and is now signalling for Durban, ETA 5-Jul. Her exact destination is yet to be confirmed by her AIS Signal.
Berge Nantong is heading to Kalbut to discharge her cargo by 19-Jul, ex-Oso. The last cargo transfer between the two terminals dates back to Mar-2016.
Shell’s Ns Frontier performed a STS with another VLGC of Shell, Lubara at Male Anchorage to discharge her cargo, ex-Ras Laffan. She is now heading back to Persian Gulf to reload her cargo at Das Island, ETA 25-Jun.
Two Astomos’ VLGC’s are currently loading their cargoes in Australia:
Floating Storage Update
We’re currently witnessing 10 VLGC’s acting as floating storage*:
It is also worth mentioning the following as the potential options to act as floating storage in the upcoming days:
  • Silverpeak’s Marcellus Lady at East Coast of Canada – she has been fixed for a 6 month TC under Silverpeak to act as floating storage after loading at Come by Chance.
  • Trafigura’s Bw Orion & Bw Loyalty at Aruba Anchorage – Bw Orion (ex-Targa) is currently on her way to join Bw Loyalty (ex-Soyo) at Aruba Anchorage, ETA 1-Jul.
  • Gas Spirit I at Alexandria Anchorage – she is expected to head back to Alexandria after completing her load at Bethioua, ETA early-Jul.
  • Geogas’ Summit Terra at Ocoa Bay STS – she is currently at the anchorage after her partial discharge at San Pedro de Marcoros.