Diversions of the Week

Trafigura’s Adam LNG was initially headed towards Hazira, but on 29-June she diverted. The vessel updated her AIS to Grain on 30-June, with ETA 14-July,

Engie’s Bw Gdf Suez Brussels was floating at Fujairah for twenty days and started to make her voyage toward MAAGP on 27-June with ETA 29-June. On 29-June she diverted and the vessel is now floating at the Jebel anchorage offshore of Dubai.

BP’d British Emerald loaded at Atlantic LNG on 24-May and was expected to deliver to Mexico. She diverted on 30-June and is now floating offshore of Tenerife.

Cheniere’s Clean Ocean is now delivering her tender cargo to CFE at Manzanillo instead, ETA 11-july.

Salalah LNG loaded at Qalhat on 30-May and initially was expected at Dahej on 18-June. The vessel changed her route toward Far East and updated her AIS to Nihonku, ETA 9-July.

Reloads Update

Engie’s Grace Cosmos re-exported a cargo at Montoir on 24-June and is now crossing the Red Sea with no clear destination.

Newbuild Trafigura’s Hoegh Giant reloaded at Kochi on 25-June and is currently making her laden voyage towards Boryeong, ETA 10-July.

Petrobras’ Excalibur reloaded a cargo at Pecem on 23-June and is now expected to discharge at Sines on 7 July according to the Port Authorities.

Interesting Moves

Total’s Maran Gas Mystras loaded a cargo at Sabine Pass and is now making her laden voyage toward the terminal, ETA 8-July. This is the first delivery from Sabine Pass to Grain.

Shell’s Maran Gas Hector loaded on 27-June and is expected to discharge at Altamira on 6-July.

Vitol’s Yenisei River lifted a tender cargo at Bonny on 20-June and is delivering it to  NEPCO at Aqaba, ETA 14-July.

PetroChina’s Wilforce loaded a cargo at Bethioua on 1-July and is expected by Kpler analysts to discharge at Jebel Ali on 17-July.