US Market

Sabine Pass Inventories

We observed a stable average send-in level of 2.11 Bcf/d this week.

Sabine Pass: Lineup 

Currently, 13 vessels are expected to arrive in the next few weeks. Also, Shell’s Scf Melampus and Cheniere’s Maria Energy are currently ballasting in the Gulf of Mexico.

Eligible Vessels for Sabine Pass 

There are several ballast vessels heading toward the Americas with no clear destination:

Main Highlights

Diverted Shell’s Maran Gas Sparta loaded at Sabine Pass on 3-July and is now discharging her cargo at Manzanillo.

Cheniere’s Oak Spirit is about to deliver a tender cargo from Sabine Pass to CFE at Altamira, ETA 20-July.

Kogas’ K.Jasmine loaded at Sabine Pass on 12-July and is signalling for Tongyeong, ETA 20-August. The vessel took an unusual route and is now passing by Venezuela.

Shell’s Maran Gas Olympias lifted a cargo at Sabine Pass on 10-July and is currently headed towards Far East with no clear destination.

Cheniere’s Maran Gas Alexandria loaded at Sabine Pass on 19-July and is signalling for S.Atlantic, ETA 15-August.