Forecasted Vessels
South Hook:
RasGas’ Al Khuwair is expected to deliver partial cargos at Zeebrugge, ETA 31-July, and South Hook, ETA 3 August.The terminal is also expecting the following vessels to arrive in the next few days:

Iberdola’s Arctic Discoverer loaded at Snohvit on 23-July and is expected by the market to deliver to Grain on 3-August.
Vitol’s Maran Gas Mystras reloaded at the terminal and is now crossing the Mediterranean Sea with no clear destination.Qatargas’ Al Gharrafa lifted a cargo at Ras Laffan on 5-July and is delivering to Gate on 27-July.
Total’s Christophe De Margerie arrived at Zeebrugge on 19-July for gas up and cool down operations. Currently the vessel is expected to load a cargo at Snohvit, ETA 27-July.Rasgas’ Al Khuwair loaded at Ras Laffan on 12-July and is now headed towards the terminal, ETA 31-July.
The terminal will receive their first Bonny cargo aboard Trinity Arrow, ETA 30-July.
Port Authorities confirmed Al Hamla delivering her Ras Laffan-sourced cargo on 3-August.
LNG Abuja Ii loaded at Bonny on 20-July and will discharge a cargo at Sines on 2-August.
Al Areesh, ETA 30-July


To Keep on Your Radar
Rasgas’ Wilforce loaded a backhaul cargo at Ras Laffan on 22-July and is now signalling for the Suez Canal with no clear destination.Rasgas’
Fraiha lifted a cargo at Ras Laffan on 18-July and is now expected to discharge in Europe.Qatargas’
Mesaimeer is now signalling for the Red Sea with her Ras Laffan-sourced cargo.Qatargas’
Dukhan loaded at Ras Laffan on 20-July and is currently headed towards the Suez Canal with no clear destination.