After serving as a storage tank at Suape for almost 3 years, Petrobras’ Bw Liberty has left the port today and is now available for charter. BW Lord is currently docked at Suape and is expected to take BW Liberty‘s place at Suape as storage tank.

After doing more than 1,5 years of deliveries to Asia from the Middle East, Petrogas’ Iris Glory is now crossing the Atlantic to load from Ferndale, ETA 2-Aug.

Shell’s Yuhsan is heading to the SGP Area via Cape of Good Hope with Nederland-sourced propane cargo., ETA 21-Aug. She is expected to discharge her cargo in the FE by the end of Aug.

Originally signalling for Ras Tanura, G. Paragon changed her destination and is currently heading to load at Houston, ETA 26-Aug. Her exact destination is yet to be confirmed by her AIS signal.

Bw Prince has loaded full LPG cargo in Enterprise and is now heading towards China’s Tianjin.

Middle East
After discharging U.S.-sourced Propane cargo in 3 portions (at Male Anchorage, Nipah Anchorage and Batangas Port), Cougar is now signalling for Mina al-Ahmadi for reload, ETA 7-Aug.

After passing the Cape of Good Hope on the way to load at Escravos under Chevron, Caravelle has stopped for a day at Cape Town Anchorage and is now signalling for Kaarstoe instead under Statoil to be discharged at Chiba Area, according to the market.

Originally signalling for Mohammedia, Trafigura’s Waregem changed her destination and currently discharging her cargo at Le Havre.

After a 47 days ballast voyage from Ulsan Port and crossing both Pacific and Atlantic oceans, Statoil’s Sansovino is currently docked at Kaarstoe, loading her 46 Kt cargo.

After partial discharge at Mohammedia, Shell’s Shahrastani is now heading towards Dortyol Port to discharge the rest of her cargo, ETA 1-Aug.


Ethane Emerald has switched from carrying Ethane to LPG and for the past 6 weeks has been transporting Propane in between different installations in India. She is currently floating in front of Mumbai Port and is expected to offload its 21 Kt of propane cargo in 3 partial discharges there.


US Exports to Europe: Lowest in July since Feb 2016

With only 2 VLGC’s signalling for Europe so far (Bw Orion heading to Terneuzen, ex-Marcus Hook, ETA 4-Aug & Shell’s Shahrastani heading to Dortyol Port, ex-Nederland, ETA 1-Aug), July seems to be one of the least active months for US exports to Europe. The record low exports of 127 Kt since Feb-2016 is almost half the amount of US-Sourced exports to Europe compare to last month.