We are currently witnessing 7 VLGC’s that are heading to FE, ex-USGC through the Cape of Good Hope instead of the Panama Canal. The number of such vessels is expected to keep increasing as a result of market contango, allowing for higher gains due to higher prices in September.

This week, another STS occurred at Balboa Anchorage. Ronald N who was supposed to discharge her cargo at Ecuador, ex-Nederland under Petredec, performed a STS with Morston instead at Balboa Anchorage. Morston is currently docked at Chorrillo, discharging her 40 Kt propane cargo.

After loading partially at Marcus Hook, Navigator Aurora completed the rest of her load at Chesapeake. She is currently signalling for Dortyol Port to discharge her 20 Kt cargo (10:10).
Newbuild Anderida has started her first voyage by completing her load at Nederland under Shell. She is expected to discharge her cargo in the FE later in Sept.
Middle East

Newbuild VLGC Pacific Hong Kong is currently loading at Umm Said as her first voyage. She’s relet to Shell until May-2024.

The 2nd VLGC in 2017 has loaded her cargo at Hamriyah. The nominated vessel is Hisui who has been fixed by Naftomar and is currently discharging at Aegis Mumbai.


Exiting Suape after spending more than 3 years there as Storage Tank, Bw Liberty is now signalling for Boony Island Port, ETA 12-Aug.

Statoil’s Sansovino is currently passing Gibraltar on her way to discharge at Turkey, ex-Kaarstoe, ETA 10-Aug.


Geogas’s Bw Gemini is currently docked at Maputo, partially discharging her cargo. She is the first VLGC to discharge at this terminal.


1 VLGC and 1 LGC are currently signalling for Australia, ex-USGC:

  • Trafigura’s George N to arrive at Brisbane, ex-Targa, ETA 14-Aug. She is expected to replace Bw Njord who’s been acting as Floating Storage at Brisbane Anchorage since 2 months ago.
  • Geogas’ Pointis to discharge at Botany, ex-Freeport, ETA 16-Aug.
Astomos’ Energy Orpheus is docked at Westernport loading her 42 Kt cargo (21:21).
US Exports to FE: Panama Canal VLGC Transits

As mentioned earlier, we are witnessing a decline in the number of VLGC’s delivering their cargoes to the FE via Panama Canal. Kpler data has recorded only 12 VLGC’s passing through the Panama Canal to reach their destination in the FE which is the lowest since Nov-2016. With prices expected to be higher in September, the rise in the number of VLGC’s to deliver via COGH is expected to become higher, affecting even more the number of transits via Panama Canal.