This week, we are witnessing another 3 VLGC’s heading to FE via Cape of Good Hope as the $4/t market contango continues:

  • P66’s Clipper Freeport, ex-Freeport, to arrive at SGP Area by the end of Aug.
  • Shell’s Secreto, ex-Nederland, to arrive at SGP Area by 8-Sept.
  • Astomos’ Gas Capricorn, ex-Nederland, to arrive at SGP Area by 14-Sept.

4 VLGC’s are heading to load their cargoes at US Gulf Coast via Cape of Good Hope:

  • Astomos’ Ns Frontier to load at Nederland, ETA 29-Aug.
  • Shell’s Hellas Poseidon to load at Houston, ETA 4-Sept.
  • Shell’s Hellas Sparta to load at Houston, ETA 8-Sept.
  • Mabanaft’s Levant to load at Enterprise, ETA 10-Sept.

Petredec’s newbuild Parthia is signalling for San Gregorio, ETA 30-Aug. She is the first VLGC ever to load at this terminal.

E1’s Leo Green completed her load at Marcus Hook. She is currently signalling for Cristobal Anchorage, ETA 13-Aug and is expected to discharge her cargo in the FE later this month. Her exact destination is yet to be confirmed by her AIS signal.
Middle East
Newbuild Kruibeke is currently on her way to load at Sohar under Petredec, ETA 10-Aug.

Gaschem Bremen is on her way to discharge at Dortyol Port, ex-Hammerfest, ETA 14-Aug.

Leaving Brisbane Anchorage after acting as a floating storage there for almost 2.5 months, Bw Mindoro completed her discharge at Aygaz Izmit, ex-Bonny Island Port. She is now signalling for Aliaga, ETA 10-Aug.

Dow’s Bw Orion is currently docked at Tarragona to discharge her 45 Kt propane cargo, ex-Marcus Hook.

Statoil’s Sansovino is waiting loaded in front of Yarimca-Izmit Port to discharge her cargo, ex-Kaarstoe.


After partial discharge at Maputo, ex-Sanha, Geogas’ Bw Gemini discharged the rest of her cargo via STS with Geogas’ Champlain at Beira. Champlain is staying at Beira, discharging her cargo via STS with smaller vessels.

Geogas’ Seasurfer heading to discharge her cargo at San Juan Port, ex-Bethioua, ETA 12-Aug.

Petredec’s Saltram discharged most of her 46 Kt cargo (23:23) via STS with Petredec’s Motivatior at Beira. She is currently headed to complete her discharge by delivering the rest of her cargo to Petredec Mauritius, ETA 11-Aug.

3 VLGC’s are currently heading to load at WAF:


After more than 2 months of acting as Floating Storage at Brisbane Anchorage, Trafigura’s Bw Njord finally discharged her cargo fully and is now heading to SGP Area, ETA 20-Aug. Trafigura’s George N who is on her way to Brisbane Anchorage is expected to replace Bw Njord by 14-Aug.

After partial discharge at Vung Tao, Vitol’s Pampero is currently docked at Sriracha, discharging the rest of her cargo there, ex-Bonny. The last cargo transfer from WAF to Thailand dates back to 2015. Another VLGC of Vitol, Mistral also delivered part of her cargo to Vung Tao, early Aug, ex-Bioko, before heading to Raoping to complete her discharge.

Astomos’ Crystal Marine is currently docked at Bayu Undan, loading her 44 Kt cargo (22:22).

ExxonMobil’s Chinook is signalling for Westernport, ETA 23-Aug.

Currently docked at Shantou delivering her 44 Kt cargo, ex-Al Ruwais, Shell’s Gas young is signalling for NWS for her third voyage, ETA 17-Aug.

Newbuild Trammo Cornell on her way to load at Nanjing Refinery for her first voyage. She is long TC’d under Transammonia.


US Exports Focus

34 VLGC’s have completed loading at US Gulf Coast and are currently on their way to deliver their cargoes to their destinations:

Out of 27 vessels that are headed to FE:

  • 18 vessels have passed or are expected to pass the Panama Canal to reach their destination.
  • 9 vessels are expected to pass go to the FE via COGH.

4 vessels are headed to S. Americas.
2 vessels are on their way to Australia.
1 vessel is expected to head to NWE after completing her load at Marcus Hook (Sunoco’s Cratis).