Main Highlights 

At Sabine Pass, the liftings are disrupted due to the tropical storm Harvey with no clear date of picking up. Meanwhile, Train 3 is still undergoing the outage. The send-in level dropped on 30-August to 1.394 Bcf/d.

We observe decreased Sabine Pass exports of 0.98 Mt in August. GAIL’s Meridian Spirit was the last vessel loaded at the plant in August, though three more vessels were scheduled to load until the end of the month.  Shell’s Maran Gas Achilles was initially indicating the arrival date of 26-August, Cheniere’s Yari LNG of 28-August, and Sm Seahawk of 29-August.

In September the Ohgishima terminal is receiving their first PNG-sourced cargoes aboard Pacific Arcadia ETA 3-September, and Velikiy Novgorod ETA 5-September.

Cheniere’s Golar Snow delivered her tender cargo from Bonny to Aliaga on 28-August. Another tender cargo aboard Cheniere’s Maria Energy will be discharged in the Far East. Cheniere’s Golar Glacier loaded a third tender cargo at Bonny on 27-August and is now headed towards the Cape of Good Hope with no clear destination.

In August, Sines imports hit the record high of 0.46 Mt, with 0.22 Mt from Nigeria, 0.15 Mt from the United States, and 0.09 Mt from Qatar

Diversions of the Week

NLNG’s LNG Port-Harcourt Ii was initially signalling for Europe ETA 6-September, but she is now headed towards Pecem, ETA 3-September.

Shell’s Maran Gas Sparta loaded at Bioko on 25-August and was initially headed towards S.America. The vessel changed her direction on 29-August and is now making her voyage towards Gibraltar, ETA 6-September.

Interesting Moves 

Adam LNG lifted a cargo at Bethioua on 21-August and is now signalling for MAAGP, ETA 7-September.

Kpler analysts expect Shell’s Valencia Knutsen to deliver her Sabine Pass-sourced cargo to Klaipeda on 19-September. The cargo is supplied by Gas Natural.

Shell’s Castillo De Santisteban loaded at Sabine Pass on 21-August and will discharge her cargo at Rovigo, ETA 11-September. This is the first cargo delivered from Sabine Pass to Rovigo.

Golar Seal lifted a cargo at Sabine Pass on 17-August and is currently making her laden voyage towards Sines, ETA 31-August.

Engie’s Bw Gdf Suez Brussels loaded at Soyo on 17-August and is currently headed towards Nihonku, ETA 15-September. Another Soyo-sourced cargo aboard Cubal will be delivered to MAAGP on 20-September.

Floating Storage Update

This week we observed five floating cargoes on water.

Engie’s Gaselys loaded a cargo at Idku on 15-August and is currently floating offshore of Athens, Greece with no clear destination.

BP’s British Merchant loaded at Atlantic LNG on 17-August and is floating in the N.Atlantic since 26-August. The vessel is signalling for Gibraltar, ETA 5-September.