This week, we are witnessing 5 VLGC’s who are expected to pass Cape of Good Hope to load at Houston in the upcoming days:

  • Astomos’ Saltram, to load at Houston, ETA 16-Sept.
  • Gunvor’s Constellation, to load at Houston, ETA 16-Sept.
  • Summit River, ETA 23-Sept.
  • Shell’s Shergar, originally signalling for Persian Gulf, she diverted her destination to Houston, ETA 26-Sept.
  • SK Corp’s Gas Tigers, ETA 29-Sept.

After more than 4 years of taking loading in ME to discharge in FE, Eneos’ Sunny Bright has passed the Panama Canal to load at Houston this time, ETA 2-Sept.

After being a floating storage at Montevideo Alpha Zone Anchorage for 5 months, Oriental Energy’s Jia Yuan is expected to load at Markus Hook around the end of Sept for a voyage to East, according to the market. This is yet to be confirmed by her AIS signal.

After her partial discharge at Aruba, Trafigura’s Bw Libra discharged the rest of her cargo via STS with 2 smaller vessels at Port of Spain (Trafigura’s Navigator Pegasus and Rubis’ Tracey Kosan). She is currently heading to reload at Houston for discharge in Brazil under Petrobras, ETA 3-Sept.
Geogas’ Clipper Moon discharged her cargo fully via STS with another VLGC of Geogas, Summit Terra at Ocoa Bay Anchorage, ex-Freeport. She is currently heading back to Houston for reload, ETA early Sept.
Originally expected to load at Houston, Bw Volans changed her destination to Marcus Hook after more than 3 weeks of waiting at US Gulf Coast. She is expected to dock at berth there by 2-Sept to pick up her cargo under Sunoco.
After more than 2 months at Lomé Anchorage, Glencore’s British Courage completed her discharge via STS there and is now signalling for Houston, ETA 11-Sept.
Petredec’s Parthia has docked at San Gregorio, loading her cargo for her first voyage. She is the first VLGC ever to load at this terminal.

3 VLGC’s are currently heading to discharge at FE, ex-Kaarstoe, under Statoil: Caravelle (ETA late Sept), Clipper Sun (ETA 22-Sept) and Bw Aries (ETA early Sept).

Shell’s Shahrastani has completed her loading at Stenungsund. This is the first VLGC cargo out of this terminal since Dec-2015. Her exact destination is yet to be confirmed.

Statoil’s Clipper Posh has passed the SGP Area and is currently on her way to reach her destination at Kaarstoe, ETA 4-Oct.

Shell’s Pacific Weihai is currently on her way to discharge her cargo in Turkey, ex-Nederland, ETA 4-Sept. She is expected to head to Bethioua later at the end of Sept for reload under CSSA, according to the market.


5 VLGC’s are expected to pick up their cargoes out of WAF in the upcoming days

  • Berge Nantong, currently waiting in front of Bonny Island Port to load.
  • Petredec’s Clipper Quito, ETA 3-Sept.
  • Vitol’s Clipper Odin, to load at Bioko, ETA 5-Sept.
  • ExxonMobil’s Copernicus, to load at Bonny Island Port, ETA 9-Sept.
  • SwissChemGas’ Cresques, to load at Soyo, ETA 15-Sept.


Bw Vision (82,200 cm) has changed name to Nanga Devi after being purchased by SCI (Shipping Corporation of India). She is the first VLGC purchase of SCI.


Harvey’s Aftermath: Lowest EIA Week Ever to Come
With no propane exported out of US Gulf Coast this week, the US is expected to witness the lowest week ever in LPG exports. Geogas’ Bw Messina was the only VLGC who completed her loading at Marcus Hook. SHV’s Keswick and Touraine were the only other vessels to complete their butane loadings at Geismar and Chesapeake respectively. Socar’s Bw Pine and Shell’s Shaamit are still at berth and are not likely to complete their loading within this EIA week (week ending on 1-Sept) and the final figure is expected to finish with less than 100 kbd.