One week after the Harvey Hurricane, the US Gulf Coast exports seems to be witnessing recovery since the beginning of September:

  • Freeport was the first installation to restart activity on Friday, Sept-1. Kunlun’s Chaparral completed her loading there and is now heading to her destination which is yet to be confirmed by her AIS signal.
  • Enterprise – 4 VLGC’s are currently completing or have completed their loadings:
    • G. Paragon, docked on 4-Sept to complete the rest of her load and is currently heading to Tuxpan Port for discharge, ETA 9-Sept.
    • Oriental Queen, docked at berth on 5-Sept.
    • Gas Ray, arrived at berth on 5-Sept.
    • Gas Taurus, docked at berth on 6-Sept.

  • Targa – 2 VLGC’s are currently at berth:
    • Geogas’ Clipper Moon, arrived at berth on 5-Sept.
    • Concorde, arrived at berth on 6-Sept.
    • Socar’s Bw Pine finally undocked after more than 2 weeks at berth and is now heading to Dortyol Port, ETA 24-Sept.
  • Nederland – 2 VLGC’s are currently at berth:
    • Shell’s Shaamit who returned to berth today to complete her load after more than 2 weeks at berth.
    • Leto Providence, docked at berth today.
    • Astomos’ Ns Frontier is also expected to join the other two VLGC’s at Nederland by the end of today.
  • Corpus Christi – Trafigura’s Kortrijk completed her load there on Sept-4. Her destination is yet to be confirmed by her AIS signal.

This week, we are witnessing 5 VLGC’s who are expected to pass Cape of Good Hope to load at Houston in the upcoming days:

  • Shell’s Shergar, ETA 26-Sept.
  • SK Corp’s Gas Tigers, ETA 29-Sept.
  • Shell’s Yuhsan, ETA 2-Oct.
  • British Councillor, originally fixed by Vitol to pick up her cargo out of Persian Gulf, she changed her AIS signal to Houston, ETA 3-Oct.
  • Astomos’ Linden Pride, ETA 9-Oct.

Solvang’s newbuild Clipper Vanguard has started her first voyage by signalling for Balboa Anchorage, ETA 28-Sept. She is expected to load at US Gulf Coast by early Oct. The VLGC is relet to P66 until Jul-2027.



Berge Nantong is signalling for Mohammedia, ETA 12-Sept, ex-Oso. This is the first export between the two terminals since Jan-2016. Morocco received another VLGC cargo earlier in Sept from Norway. The nominated vessel was Shell’s Shahrastani who delivered 46-Kt butane cargo, ex-Stenungsund.

Originally signalling for Persian Gulf, Vitol’s Yuyo Spirits changed her destination and is currently signalling for Suez Canal, ETA 9-Sept.

Statoil’s Clipper Posh is expected to pass the Cape of Good Hope to load at Kaarstoe, ETA 4-Oct.

4 VLGC’s are expected to pick up their cargoes out of WAF in the upcoming days:
  • SwissChemGas’ Cresques, to load at Soyo, ETA 15-Sept.
  • Vitol’s Pampero, to load at Bioko, ETA 24-Sept.
  • Chevron’s Hellas Glory, to load at Escravos, ETA 22-Sept.
  • Chevron’s Ronald N, to load at Escravos, ETA 10-Sept.


Iris Glory is currently on her way to load at Westernport, ETA 9-Sept.


US Exports: the Lowest Week Ever on the Way of Recovery 
As predicted, last week ended up being a record low one for propane exports with only Geogas’ Bw Messina completing her load out of Marcus Hook. The recovery process started early this week by reopening Freeport on Friday Sept-1, followed by the Houston Port a while after. 7 VLGC’s and 1 MGC have completed their loading so far and Gas Ray and Geogas’ Clipper Moon are expected to finish loading before the end of this week.