2 VLGC’s are currently on their way to discharge in the FE via Cape of Good Hope, ex-US:

  • Shell’s Ns Frontier, signalling for SGP Area, ETA 15-Oct.
  • Naftomar’s Bw Cedar, signalling for SGP Area, ETA 25-Oct.

After loading via STS with Trafigura’s Bw Libra at the Port of Spain, Trafigura’s Navigator Pegasus proceeded to complete her voyage by discharging fully via another STS with Permian Lady. She is currently loading at Corpus Christi.

Morston is currently discharging at Chorrillo after her load via STS at Balboa Anchorage with TGO’s Jenny N. This is the 5th time she is loading her cargo via STS to discharge at Chorrillo since July.


Petredec’s Parthia is heading to Chorrillo for discharge after her load at San Gregorio, ETA 16-Sept.

Gas Young discharged the rest of her cargo to Ulsan and is now signalling for Panama Canal, ETA 9-Oct. After 2 ME and 1 Australia voyages, Shell’s newbuild is expected to load at USGC by mid-Oct for her fourth load.


Sinndar finally arrived at Male Anchorage, ex-Nederland. Shell’s VLGC performed a STS with Shell’s Floating Storage Lubara.

Total’s Hellas Serenity has passed the Suez Canal for discharging in the FE, ex-Bethioua. She is expected to pass the SGP Area by 18-Sept.


For the first time in 2 years, Australia is receiving a cargo from the Middle East. Trafigura’s Bw Njord is signalling for Brisbane, ex-Ras Laffan, ETA 21-Sept. Upon arrival, she is expected to replace Trafigura’s George N who’s been acting as Floating Storage at Brisbane Anchorage since mid-Aug.

Petredec’s Bw Trader has discharged fully via STS with Petredec’s Manifesto at Nipah Anchorage, ex-Escravos. Manifesto has stayed at Nipah Anchorage since, continuing her STS operations. Skarpov who has been at Nipah Anchorage as FS since April, completed her load fully via STS with Manifesto and is now signalling for China, ETA 19-Sept. Shell’s Secreto also performed a STS with Ming Ming after her arrival at Nipah Anchorage, ex-Nederland and is now heading to Sriracha to complete her discharge, ETA 16-Sept.

Ethane Focus

Below is a chart of ethane seaborne exports based on Kpler data since 2016. With Enterprise’s Morgans Point being commissioned on 1-Sept-2016, the exports witnessed a considerable increase.

  • Reliance and Enterprise signed a 1.5 million ton/year long-term contract to supply the Indian cracker with US shale ethane late-16. VLEC Ethane Crystal(87,000 cm) started its first voyage the same year and delivered the first cargo on Feb-17. 5 More VLEC’s have been added to the fleet since:
  • Besides Dahej, the demand side was even more expanded with Enterprise also closing a 10-year deal with Braskem to feed its Rio de Janeiro cracker in 2016. So far, 2 Braskem vessels have been carrying ethane cargo between the 2 terminals: Gaschem Arctic & Gaschem Atlantic.
The rest of the terminals on the demand side keep receiving cargo as before:
  • Ineos’ Grangelmouth in Scotland, commissioned early Sept-16
  • Rafnes in Norway
  • Stenungsund based Borealis terminal