European Line-up


South Hook
Qatargas’ Onaiza was swapped with Qatargas’ Al Karaana for the delivery from Ras Laffan to South HookAl Karaana is now expected to deliver a cargo on 9-October. Meanwhile, Onaiza loaded at Ras Laffan on 28-September and is now headed towards Far East.

Qatargas’ Al Sheehaniya is expected by the Port Authority on 29-September. The terminal has increased send-out levels accordingly since 17-September.


Qatargas’ Mozah confirmed on 27-September her destination via AIS, ETA 2-October.


Shell’s Valencia Knutsen is expected by the local Port Authority to deliver her cargo on 30-September.


Qatargas’ Al Ruwais is expected by Kpler Analysts to discharge her cargo, ETA 18-October.


Gas Natural’s La Mancha Knutsen is delivering a cargo, ETA 5-October. Kpler Analysts expect send-out levels to increase in order to accommodate the cargo.

Trafigura’s Hoegh Giant is signalling for Gate where she will reload, ETA 12-October.

Engie’s GDF Suez Point Fortin remains confirmed by the Port Authority of Dunkerque, ETA 2-October. This will be the second cargo delivered there this month.

Fos Cavaou
Qatargas’ Al Khattiya is expected to deliver her cargo at the terminal 4-October. A reload will take place shortly after, on 6-October. Kpler Analysts expect a confirmation for a dedicated vessel.


Petrobras’ Cool Runner is currently reloading at the berth, with Brazil as her potential destination.

According to Operator nominations, a reload is scheduled to take place on the 27th of October. Meanwhile, the plant is increasing imports during the month of October to a total of 5 cargoes.


Three slots were cancelled during the second half of September. Methane Lydon Volney was initially expected 23-September and was diverted to South Korea instead. A second cargo was expected 29-September onboard NLNG’s LNG Oyo – she is now headed towards Brazil. According to AIS, British Diamond has also been diverted and is now confirmed for Bahia Blanca, ETA 10-October.

Potential Diversion: Qatargas’ Umm Al Amad has indicated Barcelona as her next destination, ETA 28-October. According to her current course and heading, this could be a potential cargo for the APAC region instead.


Currently, there are two vessels expected in the next few days: RasGas’ Umm Bab, ETA 2-October, and RasGas’ Al Areesh, ETA 6-October.

RasGas’ Al Marrouna is now ballasting towards Ras Laffan to load a cargo, and is expected to deliver to Rovigo on 13-October.

To Keep On Your Radar

There are two Q-Flexes headed towards the Suez canal from Ras Laffan with no clear destinations:  Al Bahiya and Al Shamal.


Liftings at Ras Laffan slightly decreased in Week 39. Top 5 destinations for W39 appeared: S.Korea 0.36 Mt, India 0.19 Mt, Pakistan 0.13 Mt, Italy 0.13 Mt, China 0.10 Mt. Currently, there are 5 vessels loading at the plant.

Stock & Send-Out

During the previous week, Zeebrugge and Grain each received one cargo. South Hook average send-out still remains low.

Planned Maintenance

This week, Revithoussa will undergo planned maintenance until 29-September. Sonatrach’s Cheikh El Mokrani is delivering a cargo shortly after on the same date.

During October, Montoir’s berth 1 will become available again. Until now, there has been a 36 hour restriction between each port call.

Toscana will undergo annual maintenance for the entire month of October, with no vessels at berth and 0% send-out.