European Line-Up
South Hook
We received the confirmation that these vessels are expected to arrive at South Hook:Qatargas’ Al Karaana is confirmed by the Port Authority, ETA 10-October
Qatargas’ Al Samriya is confirmed by sources and supported by AIS and vessel position, ETA 22-October.
Qatargas’ Aamira is confirmed by sources, ETA 26-October. Qatargas’ Umm Slal is also confirmed by sources, ETA 31-October. Since the vessels are not loading yet, they may be swapped for another vessel, but the slots are booked.


Qatargas’ Al Ruwais is confirmed to discharge her Ras Laffan-sourced cargo, ETA 18-October.

Statoil’s Arctic Discoverer loaded at Snohvit on 1-October and is now making her laden voyage towards the terminal, ETA 13-October.

Fos Cavaou

Total’s Arctic Lady is currently reloading at Fos Cavaou. Kpler analysts expect her to discharge at Jebel Ali, ETA 19-October.


Petrobras’ Cool Runner reloaded on 27-September and is now delivering to Brazil, ETA 17-October.

Engie’s Bw Gdf Suez Paris is signalling for Montoir where she will reload, ETA 11-October. The vessel is currently anchored at Cadiz.

Sines imports have reached record levels in the past couple of months with a high level of contracted cargoes from Nigeria and spot cargoes from other locations like USA and Qatar. According to the terminal operator, up to 5 vessels are expected in October, which indicates that this pattern will continue.LNG Lagos Ii loaded at Bonny on 28-September and will discharge a cargo on 10-October.

Currently, three vessels are expected to arrive in the next few days:

Gas Natural’s Catalunya Spirit lifted a cargo at Atlantic LNG on 1-October and is now signalling for the terminal, ETA 12-October.
Sonatrach’s Tessala is expected to arrive by the Port Authorities on 20-October.
RasGas’ Umm Al Amad is delivering her Ras Laffan-sourced cargo on 28-October.

RasGas’ Al Shamal is confirmed by sources, ETA 11-October.


RasGas’ Al Daayen loaded at Ras Laffan on 27-September and will deliver on 10-October.
RasGas’ Al Marrouna is loading at Ras Laffan and expected to arrive at the plant on 17-October.


Qatargas’ Al Bahiya is now crossing the Mediterranean Sea with no clear destination.
Shell’s Gaslog Savannah loaded at Ras Laffan on 2-October and is currently signalling for the Suez Canal, ETA 11-October.


Liftings at Ras Laffan increased in Week 40. Top 5 destinations for W39 appeared: India 0.29 Mt, UK 0.23 Mt, Taiwan 0.19 Mt, Japan 0.18 Mt, China 0.09 Mt. The majority of vessels headed towards Far East. Currently, there are 4 vessels loading at the plant.