This week, we are witnessing 2 more VLGC’s heading to FE via Cape of Good Hope:
  • Shell’s Sea Bird, ex-Nederland, originally signaled for Panama Canal but is now heading to take the long route.
  • Petredec’s Bw Malacca, ex-Entreprise and Jose, signaling for Teluk Semangka, ETA 12-Nov.
Statoil’s Caravelle finally discharged her cargo out of Kaarsto to Ulsan, SK after almost 2 months voyage. She is currently fixed by Astomos for a voyage from US to FE. She is expected to load at Houston by 6-Nov.
P66’s Clipper Vanguard, ex-Freeport, is waiting in front of Chorillo, Ecuador.
Kunlun Shipping’s Ayame is heading to load her first cargo out of US for 2017. She is expected at Freeport by 26-Oct.

EDF has fixed its third VLGC for 2017. EDF’s Concorde is expected to load at Houston on 20-Nov.

Middle East
As India is bracing for the winter, IOC, HPCL and BPCL have fixed 6 VLGCs for the 2H of October out of the Persian Gulf:

BP’s British Councillor, ex-Enterprise, is expected to discharge at Terneuzen, ETA 21-Oct.

Statoil’s Clipper Jupiter loaded at Hammerfest and is signaling for Stenungsund, ETA 19-Oct.

Shell’s Sansovino, ex-Kaarsto, is signaling for Gibraltar, ETA 22-Oct. She is expected to discharge at Turkey by Early November.

Astomos’ Crystal River, ex-Nederland, discharged partially her first cargo at Naoetsu and is now heading to Chiba to complete her voyage.

Shell’s Captain Markos Nl has left Nipah Anchorage and is signalling for Calaca, ETA 18-Oct. She has been at the Anchorage acting as a Floating Storage since Dec 2016.

Avance Gas’ Iris Glory, ex-Westernport, discharged her cargo at Pyeong Taek and Incheon, SK.

Geogas’ Bw Messina, ex-Marcus Hook, discharged her cargo at Botany and then she proceeded to load at Westernport.

Total’s Hellas Serenity is signalling for Sanha, Angola, ETA 10-Nov.

Chevron’s Hellas Glory has loaded at Escravos. Her exact destination is yet to be confirmed.

Interesting STS

Shell’s Shaamit, ex-Nederland, discharged part of her cargo via STS with Shell’s Lubara at Male Anchorage.

Avance Gas’ vessels Thetis Glory and Mistral performed a STS at Trincomalee Anchorage, Sri Lanka.

Geogas’ Clipper Moon, ex-Targa, is currently discharging her cargo via STS with Bw Gemini at Ocoa Bay Anchorage. The latter is acting as a floating storage at Ocoa Bay Anchorage since the beginning of September.

Iran LPG Exports in the Post-Sanctions Era 

Following the official lift of its sanction in June, 2016, Iran is striving to increase its LPG production and reach new markets. The country has managed to increase exports from 2888 Kt in 2015 to 3719 Kt, as of September 2017.
As mentioned last week, Iran has found a new partner in the face of Indonesia, where the country’s government agreed to purchase more than 500,000 tonnes of LPG from Iran in 2017.
Looking at the Iran LPG exports per month for the last three years, Iran has quickly grown monthly exports in the post-sanctions period that consistently exceed 300 Kt.

South Pars field outages
KPLER data reveal that Iran’s monthly exports decreased to 347 Kt in September. This is linked to a combination of planned and unplanned outages, which are currently affecting production at Iran’s South Pars gas/condensate field. KPLER analysts are expecting a further decrease in Iranian exports in October too.
Since entering service in 2016, the field has suffered a number of unplanned disruptions in its production, especially in the marine pipeline transferring the condensate to the process plant inland (gas leakage in Jan 2017 resulted in shut down of production).

Where is the Iranian LPG headed?

In spite of the fall in China’s share of imports, it still remains as Iran’s biggest LPG importer with 70% share according to KPLER data. In addition, Iranian cargoes are now flowing to Indonesia (bilateral agreement to provide LPG from 2016 onward), India (bilateral deal to import Iranian LPG from 2017 onward) and Pakistan (signed agreement in May, 2016). The total share per country is subject to change until the end of the year 2017.