Reloads of the Week

Trafigura’s Adam LNG reloaded at Gate on 25-October and initially headed towards MAAGP via the Suez Canal with ETA 4-November. The vessel changed her direction on 31-October towards Gibraltar. Her AIS still indicates MAAGP, with updated ETA 27-November.

Trafigura’s Golar Snow reloaded at Fos Cavaou on 20-October and is now expected to deliver to Hazira, ETA 2-November.

Trafigura’s Golar Tundra reloaded at Montoir on 26-October and is now making her voyage across the Mediterranean Sea with no clear destination.

Engie’s Bw Gdf Suez Paris is expected to reload a cargo at Montoir on 4-November.

Main Highlights

Chevron’s Asia Venture loaded a first project’s cargo at Wheatstone on 30-October and is now making her laden voyage towards Futtsu, ETA 7-November. The vessel arrived at the terminal on 16-October and was waiting for a load since. Meanwhile, the terminal is expecting to load their second cargo aboard Grace Barleria, ETA 5-November.

Diverted Gas Natural’s Cadiz Knutsen loaded at Atlantic LNG on 14-October and initially was heading towards Gibraltar. She diverted on 24-October and discharged her cargo at Ponce on 30-October. The vessel is now ballasting towards Sabine Pass.

Gas Natural’s La Mancha Knutsen loaded at Sabine Pass on 26-October and is delivering to Huelva, ETA 7-November.

Total’s Arctic Lady loaded at Ras Laffan on 29-October and is currently delivering to Zeebrugge, ETA 17-November.

Potential diversion: Cheniere’s Golar Crystal lifted a tender cargo at Bonny on 26-October and initially headed towards the Cape of Good Hope. The vessel slowed down on 1-November and is currently floating offshore of Namibia.

Shell’s Maran Gas Ulysses is now loading at Bonny her tender cargo for CFE at Altamira, ETA 3-December.