This week, we are witnessing 3 VLGCs heading to FE via Cape of Good Hope:
  • Vitol’s Bw Pine is expected to FE by 14-Dec.
  • Shell’s Sinndar early track is indicating a voyage via COGH.
  • Petredec’s Spread Eagle diverted towards the long route via COGH.

On the other hand, 6 VLGC’s are expected to pass the Cape of Good Hope on their way to USGC:

  • Avance Gas’ Chinook, current itinerary Malacca Strait, signalling for Freeport, ETA 10-Dec.
  • Avance Gas’ Breeze, signalling for Houston, ETA 16-Dec.
  • Avance Gas’ Iris Glory, current itinerary Malacca Strait, signalling for Houston, ETA 6-Dec.
  • Astomos’ Ns Frontier signalling for Nederland, ETA 26-Nov.
  • Shell’s Shaamit signalling for Nederland, ETA 30-Nov.
  • Engie’s Mistral is expected at Houston by 3-Dec.
Astomos’ Crystal River completed her maiden voyage from Nederland to Japan and is now heading back to USGC for her second load, ETA 25-Nov.
Trafigura’s Waregem, ex-Pajaritos, is heading to discharge at Mohammedia, ETA 9-Nov.
Constellation was fixed by Petrobras to deliver a US cargo to Flushing. She is expected at USGC by 24-Nov.
Shell’s Hampshire, ex-Nederland, is heading to discharge at Kalbut, ETA 3-Nov.
Solvang’s Clipper Saturn, ex- Marcus Hook is heading to discharge at Repsol Butano, ETA 3-Nov.

Middle East
BW’s BW Sakura, ex-Ras Tanura, is signalling for Kalbut, ETA 9-Nov.

Astomos’ Gas Diana loaded part of her cargo from Al Ruwais and is now completing her load at Sitra.

Shell’s Sansovino, ex-Kaarstoe, is currently discharging at Aygaz Izmit, Turkey.

Bonython & Westernport are exporting their first lpg cargoes to Africa. Geogas’ Bw Messina is on her way to EAF, probably for a partial discharge at Petredec Mauritius first and the rest via STS at Beira Anchorage, ex-Bonython & Westernport.

Astomos’ Legend Prestige is signalling to load at Westernport, ETA 8-Nov.

Chevron’s Hellas Glory, ex-Escravos discharged part of her cargo at Petredec Mauritius and is now signalling for Dongguan, ETA 14-Nov.

Interesting STS

Shell’s Shahrastani discharged part of her cargo via STS with Shell’s Lubara at Male Anchorage. The latter is acting as a Floating Storage at the anchorage .

Geogas’ Karoline N discharged her cargo via STS with BW’s Bw Gemini at Ocoa Bay Anchorage. The latter is acting as a Floating Storage at Ocoa Bay Anchorage..

Middle Eastern LPG exports to FE lower in October

Kpler data reveal a decrease of Middle Eastern LPG supplies to Far East with exports falling m/m by 107 Kt. As winter approaches, demand in Asia, especially in China, builds up and the tight LPG supply from M.E. is pushing importers to look at the other side of the Atlantic to secure their inventories. That said, US has increased its share of exports to Far East by 8% over the last two months, or an increase of 407 Kt m/m between September and October.

Middle Eastern Countries with Supply Disruptions

The drop of ME exports comes mainly from two countries, namely the UAE and Iran. In Iran, the supply disruptions are linked to the unexpected outages of the South Pars field, which will probably have an impact on exports until the end of the year. In UAE, the new 0.5 Mpty PDH plant of Takreer – which is in the stage of trial – is causing a shift of part of the country’s LPG exports to domestic use.