European Market
North-West Europe 

South Hook
The terminal is expecting the following vessels to arrive:Qatargas’ Al Karaana, ETA 3-December. The vessel is currently loading at Ras Laffan.
Qatargas’ Bu Samra, ETA 13-December. She is now ballasting towards Ras Laffan, ETA 26-November.
Qatargas’ Al Ghashamiya, ETA 20-December. The vessel discharged at MAAGP on 13-November and is expected to load at Ras Laffan.Initially, Al Ghashamiya was expected to arrive on 3-December and Al Karaana on 20-December. A swap potentially took place, so we kindly advice to add the vessels to your Watchlist to monitor the situation.Gate
Trafigura’s Adam LNG reloaded at the terminal on 25-October and is now headed towards MAAGP via the Cape of Good Hope, ETA 30-November.Zeebrugge
Engie’s Gdf Suez Point Fortin loaded at Snohvit on 27-October and is expected to discharge a small volume at Zeebrugge on 18-November. The vessel then will head towards Hazira to deliver the rest of the cargo, ETA 19-December.RasGas’ Wilforce lifted a backhaul cargo at Ras Laffan on 11-November and is now making her laden voyage towards the terminal, ETA 29-November.Total’s Arctic Lady is still expected at Zeebrugge with her Ras Laffan-sourced cargo, ETA 17-November.

RasGas’ Al Dafna loaded at Ras Laffan on 1-November and is expected to deliver her cargo on 19-November.


Trafigura’s Golar Tundra reloaded on 26-October and is now expected to discharge in the Far East.

Engie’s Bw Gdf Suez Paris reloaded on 4-November and is about to cross the Suez Canal, ETA 16-November.

Fos Cavaou
Shell’s Methane Nile Eagle reloaded at the terminal on 8-November and is now anchored offshore of Kalamata, Greece.

South-East Europe


Cheniere’s Creole Spirit loaded at Sabine Pass on 8-November and was signalling on 9-November for Aliaga ETA 27-November, although her last three signals are “TBC” (To Be Checked). Meanwhile, Total’s Sk Audace loaded at Sabine Pass on 9-November and is also signalling for Aliaga, ETA 27-November. Her AIS signals remain the same.

Botas’ MOL FSRU Challenger loaded at Ras Laffan on 2-November and arrived first offshore of Dortyol where she was floating for 2 days. Now the vessel is headed towards Aliaga, ETA 17-November.

Currently, four vessels are expected to arrive in the next few days:RasGas’ Simaisma, ETA 16-November
RasGas’ Al Thakhira, ETA 21-November
RasGas’ Al Daayen, ETA 13-November
RasGas’ Umm Bab, ETA 30-November

To Keep on Your Radar 

RasGas’ Al Deebel loaded at Ras Laffan on 7-November and is now signalling for the Suez Canal, ETA 22-November with no clear destination.


Liftings at Ras Laffan slightly decreased in Week 45. Top 5 destinations for W45 appeared: South Korea 0.34 Mt, Japan 0.15 Mt, Turkey 0.10 Mt, Kuwait 0.08 Mt, France 0.07 Mt. The majority of vessels headed towards the Far East. Currently, 5 vessels are loading at the plant.

Stock & Send-Out

At South Hook, we observed stable average send-out level of 124 GWh/d this week. Historical inventories are sourced directly from the operators. We observed suspiciously looking data for South Hook and Dragon from 13-November. Kpler analysts expect the data to be corrected before the end of the week.