This week no vessels are expected to head to FE via Cape of Good Hope.
Geogas’ JS Ineos Intrepid, ex-Kaarsto, discharged her cargo at Tallaboa, Caribs.

Middle East

Busy Line-for M.E. as the Gulf producers try to take advantage of the higher seasonal demand of FE in the following months. Six VLGCs are expected to lift a cargo out of Persian Gulf (PG) during the 2H of November:

Captain Nicholas ML, ex-Kaarstoe, discharged her cargo at Aygas Izmit. She is being fixed again to load a cargo out of N.Sea, probably at Kaarstoe (charterer Statoil).
Geogas’ Cratis, ex-Marcus Hook, is signalling for Gibraltar, ETA 23-Nov.
British Councillor, ex-Kaarstoe, is currently discharging her cargo at Petgaz Dortyol.
Petredec’s George N, ex-Targa, is heading to deliver her cargo at Mohammedia, ETA 21-Nov.


Petredec’s Bw Malacca, ex- Enterprise and Jose is heading to discharge the rest of her cargo at Teluk Semangka, ETA 21-Nov. This is the second cargo out of US to Indonesia in November.

Astomos’ Legend Prestige, ex-Westernport, is heading to discharge at Chiba area, ETA 25-Nov.

Interesting STS

Petredec’s vessels interesting activity: Clipper Quito performed a STS with Morston offshore Chorrillo. The first crossed the Panama Canal and is heading to USGC, while the latter is expected to discharge her cargo at Chorrillo.

Shell’s Sea Bird is currently discharging part of her cargo at Male Anchorage via STS with Shell’s Lubara.

Geogas’ Karoline N is heading to Ocoa Bay Anchorage to discharge her cargo via STS with Bw Gemini, ETA 18-Nov.

Diversion Alerts

Originally signalling for Panama Canal, Shell’s Comet changed her destination and is now crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Her exact destination is yet to be confirmed.

Originally fixed by Shell to deliver a cargo out of Persian Gulf, Pampero deviated and is now signalling for USGC, ETA 12-Dec.

Iraq boosting its LPG Exports

Iraq exported its first LPG cargoes last July, after becoming self-sufficient in LPG with a production at 5,000 mt/d. Since then it has been seeking to become a regular global supplier.
Kpler data reveal that Iraq has made a total of 63 shipments of LPG so far this year, with a total of 127 kt of LPG. During the summer months, exports were significantly boosted reaching 30kt in September.

Improved infrastructures the main driver behind the boost

The upgrade at the Khor al-Zubair port has been the main driver of improved Iraq’s flexibility for importing and exporting products.
Looking at the Kpler data for monthly exports -breakdown by origin installations- 25 LPG cargoes were lifted from the new loading platforms at Khor al-Zubair port by Basra Gas Co., a joint venture of Shell, Mitsubishi and the oil ministry’s South Gas Co. The rest were lifted from Umm Qasr installation.

The Iraqi Government hopes to turn the port of Khor Al-Zubair into a major commercial center for the Persian Gulf. To achieve this, the port was further developed by modernizing its berths, building storage tanks and a pipeline network for oil derivatives. In addition, the channel was further dredged to increase its depth to 12 meters from 7, thus allowing vessels of up to 40kt to reach the port.

Where is the Iraqi LPG headed?

All Iraqi trades were done with SGC vessels that have loaded their cargo either at Khor Al-Zubair or Umm Qasr. Kpler data reveal that Pakistan is almost the only buyer of the LPG, while twice a cargo had been delivered to Yemen.
Looking at the Persian Gulf monthly exports to Pakistan, Iraq’s share has grown considerably over the past few months. Currently. the volumes exported are in competition with Iranian exports.