U.S. Market

Sabine Pass Inventories
This week we observe a stable average send-in level of 2.77 Bcf/d.

Sabine Pass: Line Up
Currently, Shell’s Valencia Knutsen and LNG Finima Ii are loading at the terminal. This is the first load of LNG Finima Ii at a terminal other than Bonny since her construction. Eleven vessels are expected to arrive in the next few weeks:

Eligable Vessels for Sabine Pass

There are several ballast vessels heading towards the Americas with no clear destination:

Main Highlights

Shell’s Methane Alison Victoria loaded at Atlantic LNG on 12-November and is now headed towards Elba Island, ETA 17-November.

Cheniere’s Kita LNG loaded at Sabine Pass on 20-October and was initially signalling for Rayong MTP. Instead, the vessel crossed the Mediterranean Sea and is currently discharging at Aqaba.

Cheniere’s Creole Spirit loaded at Sabine Pass on 8-November and was signalling on 9-November for Aliaga ETA 27-November, although her last three signals are “TBC” (To Be Checked). Meanwhile, Total’s Sk Audace loaded at Sabine Pass on 9-November and is also signalling for Aliaga, ETA 27-November. Her AIS signals remain the same.

Cheniere’s Clean Ocean loaded at Sabine Pass on 31-October and is currently waiting to discharge at Manzanillo, ETA 16-November.

Shell’s Gaslog Glasgow is expected to deliver her Sabine Pass cargo to Ningbo, ETA 4-December.