Iranian Seaborne Exports Trend Lower

Daily Iranian seaborne exports have trended lower over the past week. According to the 5-day moving average, over the past seven days, daily seaborne exports have fallen 1,192 kbd – a 43% decline. The deterioration in export volumes was largely the result of a decline in loadings at Kharg Island.

Chinese Oil-on-Water Lower this Week

The first two weeks of November realized an increase of 22.66 million barrels in total Chinese oil-on-water. This trend has since reversed. Between 11/21 and 11/30, total Chinese oil-on-water declined 42% to a total of 28.86 million barrels.

Higher Venezuelan Exports to the United States

Following weakness in Venezuelan daily export loadings bound for the United States in early-November, the past 10-days have realized higher export volumes. Between 11/19 and 11/30, daily crude oil shipments leaving Venezuelan shores for the U.S. increased 243 kbd, according to the 5-day moving average.This week Venezuelan President Maduro indicated the possibility of eliminating oil sales to the United States in retaliation against sanctions implemented by Washington earlier this year. His comments came during the formal appointment of General Manuel Quevedo to lead Venezuela’s National Oil Company, PDVSA.

Indian Imports of Iraqi Crude Increase

Daily Indian imports of crude from Iraq have recently realized strong growth. Just over the past seven days alone, India imported a total of 11.41 million barrels of Iraqi crude. This contrasts with the first 14 days of November, which realized Iraqi import loadings into India at less than 7 million barrels.

Canadian Seaborne Export Declines

Daily Canadian seaborne export loadings have declined over the past week following a period of relative strength. Over the past 10-days, the 5-day moving average declined 490 kbd.On 11/21 a load of 590 kbd left Canadian shores towards the United Kingdom – a first since August. This also represented the first non-U.S. export destination since late October when 770 kbd  in crude oil left Canada for Italy.