This week we are witnessing 1 vessel heading to FE via the Cape of Good Hope:

Clipper Saturn, ex-Enterprise, is heading to Ocoa Bay Anchorage, ETA 7-Dec. She is expected to discharge her cargo via STS with Bw Gemini.


Bahia Blanca’s exporting activity is increasing:

  • Petredec’s Ronald N is heading to discharge her cargo at Chorillo, ETA 12-Dec.
  • Petredec’s Cambridge discharged her Bahia-Blanca cargo via STS at Ecuador and is heading for a second load, ETA 11-Dec.

Statoil’s Captain Nicholas Ml loaded part of her cargo at Hammerfest and is signalling for Kaarstoe to complete her load, ETA 8-Dec.
Geogas’ Seasurfer, ex-Enterprise, is heading to discharge her cargo at Dortyol, ETA 20-Dec.

Winter in Europe has already arrived, with low forecasted temperatures, which are tightening the market with consecutive shipments, especially to Morocco where there are not many alternatives for heating but the LPG. The following vessels are heading to discharge their cargo at Morocco on mid-December:

  • Astomos’ Ns Frontier, ex-Nederland, is signalling for Mohammedia, ETA 14-Dec.
  • Trafigura’s Kortrijk, ex-Targa, is heading to discharge her cargo at Jorf Lasfar, ETA 14-Dec.

Geogas’ Jia Yuan, ex-Marcus Hook, is heading at Botany, ETA 10-Dec.

Astomos’ Nadeshiko Gas updated her AIS signal and is now heading to load at NWS, ETA 11-Dec.

Pertamina’s Bw Brage is signalling to load at Bontang, ETA 8-Dec.


Lagos was until recently the major terminal for gas of Nigeria. Puma Energy’s Calabar LPG Storage Terminal started its operations late Summer 2017 by receiving its first cargoes by Mayfair and Epic Shikoku. The terminal has a capacity of over 3000 tonnes and is part of Nigeria’s plans to grow its LPG market by 12,000 tonnes in 2017.

Sonangol’s Bw Empress, a Floating Storage at Luanda Anchorage, reloaded her cargo at Soyo.

Interesting STS

IOC’s Copernicus, performed a STS with Kikyo at Gale Anchorage. Both vessels are heading to discharge their cargoes at East Coast India.

Shell’s vessels Pacific Hong Kong and Lubara performed a STS at Male Anchorage. The latter, which is acting as a breaking bulk at the anchorage, was reloaded and is continuing its operations.

November US LPG Exports hit 1 Mbpd 

Total LPG exports out of United States reached 1 million barrels per day in November, a MoM increase of 93 kbd. The 1 Mbpd floor is not new for US as the total exports averaged 1 million barrels per day (bpd) in three more months (Feb, Apr and Sep) this year, according to Kpler data.

Freeport boosting the total US exports

The total US LPG exports are being significantly boosted by the cargoes out of Freeport LPG export terminal. Starting from November 2016 (month of the first cargo out of Phillips 66’s terminal), the US exports increased by an average 108 kbd per month of LPG originated from Freeport terminal. In addition, Enterprise is having a key role in total US exports, with a strong monthly average exports of 385 kbd in 2017. During November, Enterprise shipped 409 kbd of LPG, reaching its April export levels.