Sabine Pass

Unplanned Maintenance
Up to 40% of Sabine Pass storage tanks are under repair, since cracks were discovered mid-Feb.

In addition to unplanned maintenance, the plant also experienced delays in liftings in the previous week. A dense fog prevented LNG carrier arrivals and departures. The plant only exported 0,15 mt in week 7.

In consequence, monthly exports for February are expected below recent monthly figures at 1,5 mt, a 3% drop MtM.

There are currently 4 idle vessels outside port limits: Cool Runner, Gaslog Gibraltar, Gaslog Houston and Meridian Spirit. Meanwhile, a 5th vessel is arriving: Golar Celsius.

Kpler analysts expect liftings to pick up in pace this week, as weather conditions have improved. Cheniere’s Creole Spirit departed from the plant this morning.

Inventories & Line-Up
This week we observe an increased average send-in level of 2,65 Bcf/d, up 16% compared WtW.

Cove Point

Shell’s Gemmata arrived outside port limits 25-Feb. The vessel is due to arrive at the berth to load the commissioning cargo 28-Feb, as confirmed per AIS.

BP’s Methane Spirit has also indicated Cove Point per AIS as next destination, ETA 31-Mar.

The new liquefaction plant consists of 1 liquefaction train with a capacity of up to 5,25 mtpa.

U.S. LNG Impoprts

Only 1 cargo was delivered this month, onboard Statoil’s Arctic Discoverer 8-Feb. There are currently no cargos expected in March.

The terminal imported 0,11 mt LNG in February, a drop of 0,13 mt compared MtM and 0,09 mt less than last year.

Engie’s Provalys remains floating offshore since 8-Feb. Meanwhile, BW Boston is floating in the North Atlantic. Kpler Analysts expect both vessels to discharge at Everett in March.