15 VLGCs are currently ballasting in the Gulf of Mexico awaiting their turn to load.
4 of them next to HSC, 2 next to Freeport and remaining 9 further offshore.

5 VLGCs (under Trafigura, Shell, Total, Mabanaft and PEMEX) are currently loading from Targa and Enterprise terminals.

With only one ex-USGC vessel delivering LPG to Europe this week, Panama Canal remains a predominant “via point” for all U.S. cargoes.

DOW’s BW Cedar is transporting 45,000 mt of propane from Targa to Terneuzen, ETA 25-March.
2 Newly built MGCs: Geogas’ Enrico Fermi and Exmar’s Kapellen are now on the way to USGC to pick up their maiden cargoes on 28-March and 13-April respectively.

Petredec’s Karoline N loaded from Algerian Bethioua on 2-March and proceeded to WAF where she discharged LPG cargo via STS transfer to Geogas’ Surville. The latter is now signalling for Porto da Praia, ETA 18-March.

StealthGas’ Eco Arctic that was built in South Korea this January has been chartered by Vitol for the next 2 years and is currently operating in WAF where she is delivering Butane cargoes from Bioko to Lagos. She has loaded her second cargo this Monday and is now floating at low speed at the Gulf of Guinea.

Sahara’s Africa Gas is now crossing Atlantic Ocean on her way to discharge Freeport-sourced 21,000 mt butane cargo in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, ETA 22-March.

While the congestions next to Indian ports have almost been eliminated, there are still 6 partially loaded VLGCs that have been floating next to Haldia for at least 10 days. Combined, they currently have 87,000 mt of LPG onboard. 2 other VLGCs (Serjeant and Palanimala Gas) are discharging at Haldia right now, while Everrich 10 and Sirocco are en route to the terminal.

Geogas’s Commodore is delivering 46,000 mt propane cargo from Freeport to Botany, Australia. She has crossed the Panama Canal yesterday and is expected to reach her destination on 3-April.

Petredec’s BW Orion is delivering a tender cargo from Asaluyeh to Mailiao. She is expected to enter the port in Taiwan on 17-March.

Astomos’ Gas Zenith, that is carrying 22:22 ex-UAE cargo, has previously been signalling for Japan, but after crossing the Singapore Strait, she diverted towards Java Sea and is now floating there without a clear next destination.

VLGC Continental was crossing the Atlantic Ocean and signalling for Houston when she suddenly slowed down next to WAF where she has been floating for the past 6 days at a speed averaging 4 knots. The weather does not seem to be causing any issues in that region at the moment and it yet remains to be seen whether the VLGC will continue her voyage to Houston or will divert to another loading point.

Navigator Ceres switched from carrying petchems to LPG. She loaded 12,000 mt cargo from Kwinana in Australia last week and is now crossing the Indian Ocean on the way to Eastern Africa.

BW Havis (1993) was sold by BW Group for scrap and is now approaching the Singapore strait on her way back from the Far East.

Sea Dolphin (1990) was sold for recycling and is currently floating offshore Bangladesh.