Kpler GAS (Market Update)

Tokyo Gas’ Golar Glacier loaded at Cove Point 4-May. She is expected to deliver her cargo at Kawasaki, ETA 6-Jun.

Engie’s Provalys loaded at Cove Point 30-May. The vessel is now headed towards the Panama Canal.

Cove Point Line-Up
KEPCO’s LNG Jurojin has arrived at Cove Point and is currently loading a cargo.

Tokyo Gas’ Patris is idle along the coast. Her ETA has been moved ahead a few days to 14-Jun.

Gunvor’s BW Pavilion Leeara has completed a partial discharge at Bahia Blanca 1-Jun. The vessel is now headed to Cove Point, ETA 18-Jun.

KEPCO’s LNG Sakura is still headed towards the Panama Canal and is expected by Kpler analysts to load at Cove Point during the second half of June.

Kpler GAS (Market Update)

Engie’s Provalys loaded at Sabine Pass 20-Mar. The vessel was then expected to deliver her cargo at Costa Norte LNG terminal. After spending several weeks floating at Cristobal Anchorage, the vessel left the region to discharge a partial cargo at Andres 18-May. The vessel is now returning to Panama and is expected to deliver her remaining cargo at the new terminal.

Engie is expected to deliver up to 0.40 mtpa LNG to AES at Costa Norte for up to 10 years.

Kpler GAS (Gas Weekly)

Cove Point

According to Dominion Energy, Cove Point is entering commercial services for its LNG Exports.

Shell’s Gemmata arrived at Cove Point 2-Apr and was expected to load a second commissioning cargo. After 4 days at the berth, the vessel undocked 6-Apr and is currently idle near the Chesapeake Channel.  Her draft level remains unchanged at 9.3 m, indicating that the vessel may not have loaded at the liquefaction plant.  The vessel is stopped and could either be waiting for a discharge destination or to return to the berth.  Kpler Analysts will notify users of any changes on the Team Board.

Cove Point Line-Up
Tokyo Gas’ Patris  was expected to arrive at the plant 9-Apr, however, she slowed down her speed on 4-Apr and is currently flagged by our system as a potential diversion. She is idle in the North Atlantic.

KEPCO’s newly built LNG Sakura  remains en-route towards the plant.. The vessel is traveling at a speed of 12.2 knots.

GAIL’s Adam LNG is a potential vessel to load at the plant in late April-early May as well. The vessel is crossing the North Atlantic, with a direction towards Cove Point.

Kpler GAS (U.S. Gas Weekly)

Cove Point Update

Tokyo Gas’ Patris has updated her AIS for Cove Point, ETA 9-Apr. This could be the second cargo to be lifted from the plant. The vessel recently completed her maiden voyage. She was sub-chartered by Trafigura on a short-term basis to reload a cargo at Montoir 5-Feb. The cargo was delivered to GAIL at Dahej 23-Feb.

Diversion Alert: Where will the commissioning cargo be delivered?
Shell’s Gemmata departed from Cove Point 2-Mar with her course set towards the Cape of Good Hope. 9-Mar, the vessel slowed down her speed from 15.9 to 10.9 knots and remained in the same area for 2 days. Late evening 11-Mar, her course was changed and she is now headed towards Gibraltar at a speed of 14.6 knots.

Kpler GAS (U.S. Gas Weekly)

Sabine Pass

Unplanned Maintenance
Up to 40% of Sabine Pass storage tanks are under repair, since cracks were discovered mid-Feb.

In addition to unplanned maintenance, the plant also experienced delays in liftings in the previous week. A dense fog prevented LNG carrier arrivals and departures. The plant only exported 0,15 mt in week 7.

In consequence, monthly exports for February are expected below recent monthly figures at 1,5 mt, a 3% drop MtM.

There are currently 4 idle vessels outside port limits: Cool Runner, Gaslog Gibraltar, Gaslog Houston and Meridian Spirit. Meanwhile, a 5th vessel is arriving: Golar Celsius.

Kpler analysts expect liftings to pick up in pace this week, as weather conditions have improved. Cheniere’s Creole Spirit departed from the plant this morning.

Inventories & Line-Up
This week we observe an increased average send-in level of 2,65 Bcf/d, up 16% compared WtW.

Kpler GAS (U.S. Gas Weekly)

Sabine Pass

Outage Alert
Send-in levels dropped to 659bcf/d on 19-Jan, as the liquefaction plant faced unplanned maintenance. Such levels indicate that possibly only 1 train was active during the weekend.
Send-in levels are now gradually increasing, but ramp-up may take time. This is the second time within one month that send-in levels drop. In response to reduced production of LNG, storage levels are rapidly reaching levels unseen since last year.

Kpler EU Gas (Hispania Spirit reload from Gate)

North-West Europe
South Hook
The terminal is still expecting two vessels to arrive in December: Qatargas’ Al Ghashamiya, ETA 5-December is confirmed by the Port Authorities. The vessel loaded at Ras Laffan on 17-November and is now crossing the Mediterranean Sea.
Qatargas’ Bu Samra, ETA 13-December. She is now about to enter the Red Sea.