Kpler LPG (Interesting Moves)

Despite EIA reporting only 766 kbd of propane exported from the U.S. during the week ending 11-May, Kpler analysts observed 15 VLGCs departing during this time frame resulting in total exports exceeding 1Mbd. All these vessels were cleared by U.S. Customs.

3 gas tankers are carrying U.S.-sourced propane to Europe this week:

  • Phillips 66’s VLGC BW Princess from Freeport to Stenungsund, ETA 28-May
  • Shell’s VLGC NS Frontier from Nederland to Terneuzen, ETA 29-May
  • Phillips 66’s MGC Marcellus Lady from Freeport to Immingham, ETA 31-May

At the same time, 3 VLGCs are delivering propane cargoes to Suape, Brazil:

The only U.S.-sourced cargo going to Far East via the Cape of Good Hope this week is on board Shell’sHellas Sparta that is carrying 2:2 split cargo to Indonesia, ETA 20-Jun.

After 6 weeks of ballasting next to the Panama Canal, Constitution was fixed by Total to load from Freeport. According to the AIS signal, she is expected to arrive to Freeport on 23-May.

Kpler LPG (Interesting Moves)

15 VLGCs are currently ballasting in the Gulf of Mexico awaiting their turn to load.
4 of them next to HSC, 2 next to Freeport and remaining 9 further offshore.

5 VLGCs (under Trafigura, Shell, Total, Mabanaft and PEMEX) are currently loading from Targa and Enterprise terminals.

With only one ex-USGC vessel delivering LPG to Europe this week, Panama Canal remains a predominant “via point” for all U.S. cargoes.

DOW’s BW Cedar is transporting 45,000 mt of propane from Targa to Terneuzen, ETA 25-March.
2 Newly built MGCs: Geogas’ Enrico Fermi and Exmar’s Kapellen are now on the way to USGC to pick up their maiden cargoes on 28-March and 13-April respectively.

Kpler LPG (Interesting Moves)

This week we are witnessing 4 Ethane cargoes out of US:

  • RIL’s Ethane Crystal, ex-Morgans Point, is heading to Dahej, ETA 29-Jan.
  • Ineos’ JS Ineos Ingenuity, ex-Marcus Hook, is heading to Rafnes, ETA 20-Jan.
  • Ineos’ JS Ineos Inspiration, ex-Morgans Point, is heading to Rafnes, ETA 14-Jan.
  • Braskem’s Navigator Orion, ex-Morgans Point, is heading to discharge her 2nd Ethane cargo at Aratu.

Petredec’s Yamabuki is signalling for Bahia Blanca, 10-Jan. Given her size, she is expected to receive a partial cargo of 70-30 (propane-butane).

Kpler LPG (Year Ends)

This week we are witnessing 4 Ethane cargoes out of US:
Borealis’ Navigator Aurora, ex-Morgans Point, is heading to Stenungsund, ETA 9-Jan.

  • Ineos’ Js Ineos Insight, ex-Morgans Point, is heading to Rafnes, ETA 7-Jan.
  • Ineos’ Js Ineos Intrepid, ex-Marcus Hook, is heading to Grangemouth, ETA 7-Jan.
  • RIL’s Ethane Opal, ex-Morgans Point, is heading to Dahej, ETA 24-Jan.

Petredec’s Morston, ex-Enterprise, is currently waiting to cross the Panama Canal on her way to Chorrillo.
After 4 months of Break Bulk operation at Brisbane Anchorage, Trafigura’s Bw Njord finally discharged her cargo fully and is now heading to Panama Canal, ETA 12-Jan.
Corsair was fixed by Mabanaft to load a cargo out of Houston, ETA 4-Feb. The vessel is currently crossing the Malacca Strait, an indication of a voyage via the Cape of Good Hope.
Gas Leo -current itinerary Indian Ocean- updated her AIS signalling for Houston, ETA 28-Jan.

Kpler LNG (Interesting Moves)

Market Highlights 

GasPort LNG received only one cargo since the start-up due to ongoing issues at the terminal. Several vessels diverted from the port in the past month. Shell’s Gaslog Greece loaded at Sabine Pass on 10-November and was expected to discharge on 7-December. Statoil’s Arctic Aurora loaded at Snohvit on 22-November and was initially scheduled for GasPort, but the vessel delivered to Dahej on 14-December. Soyo lifted a cargo at Soyo on 23-November and instead of GasPort, discharged at Dahej on 20-December.

Kpler LPG (Hit to Grangemouth LPG Exports)

This week we are not witnessing any vessel heading to FE via the Cape of Good Hope. After 6 months of STS between Panama and Chorillo, Petredec’s Morston has finally crossed the Panama Canal and is signalling for Houston, ETA 19-Dec.

The following Ineos’ Ethane-dedicated vessels are on their to deliver their Ethane cargo to Europe:

RIL’s VLEC Ethane Topaz loaded another ethane cargo at Morgans Point and is heading to India. She is expected at Dahej by 9-Jan.